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Solar Commercial Fans Installation

Port Douglas Aged Persons Home (Mossman, QLD)

Supplied and installed by our Queensland dealer:

April, 2012

2 Solar Whiz units used to reduce the heat load on apartments

Cairns Regional Council funded the installation of 18 roof-mounted Solar Whiz solar commercial fans units onto the Douglas Shire Multipurpose Health Service and Aged Care Facility in Mossman, QLD.

The goal was to reduce the accumulated heat in the roof cavities of the Aged Care Residential Units, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing cooling systems. This goal has successfully been achieved by the installation of the Solar Whiz industrial fan units. The project has proved so successful they are now expanding the original scope of the project.

Commercial fans from Solar Whiz are powerful and effective enough to ventilate many large commercial and industrial spaces. This includes schools, aged persons homes, like Port Douglas, warehouses, factories and offices. Our solar commercial fans range are significantly more powerful than industrial whirlybirds or Haiku fans. Solar Whiz commercial fans, SW-RAF10000, are as strong and effective as any powered big ass fans.

Solar Whirly Birds for commercial cooling

Ventilation is needed in commercial spaces for many reasons. In such a large space you may use powered air conditioning or a big ass fan and spend lots on electricity. With solar commercial fans they reduce the heat load in the roof space and ceiling, creating a cooler, fresher living and working environment without the need for air conditioning.

Our solar industrial fans can work all day and night to ventilate and introduce fresh, cool air into your commercial space. Solar powered during the day to save energy and no running costs – then at night a day/night pack can be added to power the Solar Whiz solar commercial fans with mains electricity power when it is dark.

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