Why Choose Solar Commercial Exhaust Fans?

The commercial exhaust fans market has traditionally been dominated by industrial whirlybirds, as architects and owners have shied away from power hungry mains powered industrial extractor fans. Comparing mains powered fans to the power of a solar commercial exhaust fan can be found in this commercial ventilation chart.

However, all of this has started to change as the solar exhaust fan was introduced in the domestic market are being up-scaled to meet the demands of commercial exhaust fans.  As is the case for the domestic extractor fans – the solar commercial exhaust fans are significantly more powerful than industrial whirlybirds – actually the Solar Whiz SW-RAF10000 is as powerful as any powered industrial exhaust fan available in Australia.

Commercial exhaust fans are used in a large number of commercial ventilation applications.

“Our workshop is roughly 11,000 cubic metres and has recently had eight SW-RAF10000 units installed primarily to improve the air quality in our 32 vehicle bays. Since installation, our technicians have all reported a significant improvement in airflow and a reduction in workshop fumes. As we are in the tropics, even in winter the units run at full capacity for around 9 hours a day and during this period a slight breeze can be felt throughout the shop. We are waiting the return of summer in order to measure the anticipated reduction in temperatures within the workshop.” – James Thomson (Auto Corner – Mackay)

What are solar industrial exhaust fans? Why are they so effective?

Solar Whiz introduced their first domestic solar extraction fan in 2010 – and has since then been setting the benchmark for domestic roof ventilation and heat extraction.

When Solar Whiz introduced the SW-RAF2100 – we had the first solar roof ventilation fan – which was able to compete with commercial whirlybirds on an average windy day (12 m/s) – selling at half the price of the large commercial whirlybirds – and much easier to install. Most powered commercial exhaust fans  actually work at air flow volumes comparable to the SW-RAF2100 – which we consider a domestic sized roof extractor.

Solar Whiz commercial exhaust fans are large diameter ventilators powered directly by a solar panel. The simple design ensures that the commercial exhaust fans work at their peak – when you need them the most – i.e when the sun is baking down on the roof of your factory, warehouse or office.

“Yes it cools the area considerably. From memory the room went from mid 40’s to high 30’s – around a 7 degree drop…” – Sam Bevis (Aluminium Balustrades, North Coast)

Solar Commercial Exhaust Fans

Solar Whiz industrial exhaust fans are designed to remove large amount of air from commercial or industrial areas, often for heat extraction is factories and warehouses, but they are frequently used for removal of a variety of fumes including fumes from cars, paint, powder coating,  diesel engines, welding, roasting of coffee, cooking, etc.

To read more about our commercial exhaust fan for other industrial ventilation applications, such as schools and sports facilities, as well as factory ventilation and warehouse ventilation.

Can I run my Solar Whiz commercial exhaust fans after sunset?

Yes, Solar Whiz understand that sometimes in commercial environments, you cannot rely on the sun to power your commercial exhaust fans and we therefore offer a day/night pack, which enables your solar industrial extractor fan to run after sunset or on over cast days.

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