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Testimonials and Reviews

Solar Whiz has supplied many homes & businesses with heat extraction & ventilation solutions over the years. Here’s a variety of our written testimonial supplied by happy customers!

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Solar Whiz – Residential Reviews

SW logo in circle“Hey guys, I live in Townsville, North Queensland and have a 3 bedroom high set house and we only use the other 2 rooms when family visit so we very seldom go into those rooms. On a hot summer day if we were to go into one of those rooms it is so hot, it literally takes your breath away. So I’ve done a bit of research and came across the solar powered whirlybirds.

“Because our north facing roof is covered in solar panels I had the problem with the solar whirlybirds that they had fixed solar panel and would have to be on the east or west side of the roof. Then I found the Solar Whiz had a tilting solar panel so I could mount it on the west side of the roof and tilt the panel up to face north.

“I have to say the very next day we noticed such a massive difference in the temperature of the whole house and especially in the two bedrooms, I just wish I took a temperature reading before and after. I am so happy with the Solar Whiz I am going to put another one up on the east side before next summer.

“You have a great product, thank you.”

Alan Fowley

Townsville, North QLD

“The fans are performing great! They really are the best thing we have done. The fans make such a big difference and this week will be another good test!

“The Solar Whiz vents have been making a massive difference. We are so happy with the purchase and I recommend it to anyone we have over.”

Tania Jorquera

Melbourne, VIC

“Solar Whiz, what a difference it has made to our home. At temperatures of 34-38°C degrees outside we do not need the air conditioner at all! Even the recent heat wave of 42-48°C degrees we only needed the air conditioner on for approximately an hour in the afternoon. The Solar Whiz was so easy to install. Thank you!”

P & JJ Cassidy

Werris Creek, NSW

“Over the last five years I have had two Whirly Bird units from Bunnings in my ceilings and have, so I thought, done a good job. I later did extensive research and was determined to find an alternative to the WhirlyBird. I then came across The Solar Whiz being talked about on several Whirlpool forums. I inquired about the units and found that there were three different sizes available. 

“As I have a split level house, with four levels and cathedral ceilings, I opted for the largest unit the SW3000 (Now the SW-RAF2100), with a night control option and an adjustable thermostat. After installing the unit in the main lounge room myself (took approx 2hrs), I then removed the existing whirlybird and placed the Solar Whiz above the exhaust fan in the bathroom.

“The unit started running immediately after removing it from the box and I could feel the air being pulled already! The Solar Whiz has now been in for about six months and the temperature difference we have noticed is amazing! On hot days the temperature is about seven degrees cooler upstairs and dramatically cooler downstairs. If I close all the openings in the house and open one window down stairs, I can feel the air being pulled through the window and up the stairs to the top floor.

“I have also noticed that there is minimal condensation on the windows since the installation. Also, the odours previously in the house do not hang around anymore and if we burn something in the kitchen the smell is gone within the hour! The night operation unit is a fantastic added extra as it allows us to pull cool air in at the night and we simply just set the adjustable thermostat and go to bed. We do also have an excisting air-conditioning unit and ceiling fans in the house, but rarely use it now opting just for the fans and the Solar Whiz. However, on the odd occasion that we do use the air conditioner, it does not have to work nearly as hard to cool the house as it did without the Solar Whiz.

SW logo in circle“The Solar Whiz is a great product and the team at GES have been so helpful and great at answering all my queries.”

Greg Savill

Sydney, NSW

“I live in a 27×8 foot horse float up in Nanango, Queensland.

“I decided it was the best option for me after having tried living in buses, vans and Winnebago’s and find they all leak and fall to pieces. It unfortunately gets incredibly hot in the float and both myself and my pets are extremely uncomfortable. After careful research I called up the team at GES and purchased a Solar Whiz SW-RAF1400.

“I installed it with no problem and it sits no higher that the air conditioner. After having three storms here since the installation I have had absolutely no problems and despite the fact that the fan is only a foot or two above my head I cannot seem to hear it. I am now at the stage of installing a Mini Whiz on the rear of my float to draw air in when I have the windows shut. 

“I don’t use the air conditioning anymore and both myself and my pets couldn’t be happier.”

Les B

Nanango, QLD


“Just wanted to drop a line to say that my Solar Whiz was placed in my roof just in time before the high temperatures hit. I remember on very hot days, I could not sleep at nights in my bedroom because it was ever so warm—but since the installation of the Solar Whiz, the rooms in my house are much cooler and we can actually sleep at night!

“Thank you and I am considering installing another one.”

Shengul & Alp Koyser

Lalor, VIC

“I installed a Solar Whiz last winter and so far I’m extremely impressed. It worked brilliantly as we sweltered through New Years Eve. I have a thermometer that measures temperatures in my roof space making it easy to see how well the Solar Whiz performed. At 1pm, it was 40.4°C outside. At that time, it was only 21°C in our lounge room. The roof temperature in the roof was 39.9°C. Given that temperatures are measured in the shade, the outside temperature must have been closer to 43°C to 44°C, so our roof was actually cooler than outside.

“We had the unit running at night with our Whirlymate vent open to enable air to flow from our house into the roof. In the morning, the roof temperature was 20° about the same as that inside the house. So we had successfully kept our roof cool and given it a fresh start for the day. The house was only a few degrees warmer than the outside temperature, a great result.

“I’d like to commend you on your product and also on the excellent work of your installer Phil Baulch from New Earth Systems.”SW logo in circle

Gavin Brown

Geelong, VIC

“I thought I’d send you a quick message to tell you of our satisfaction of the Solar Whiz.

The first test was New Years Eve 2010. With the temperature at 41°C; our friends could not believe the comfort inside our house. To tell you the truth, I had to climb into the roof space to see whether the Solar Whiz was working! Yes it was! And it was as quiet as a whisper.

“This, combined with our ventilation system, gives us the perfect comfortable house, without having to consider high air conditioning bills! Thank you again for your remarkable product.”

Dwayne Schuyler

Warrandyte, VIC

SW logo in circle“We decided to install a Solar Whiz primarily to get rid of the heat that lingered in the top floor of our house. Usually we would walk up stairs and halfway up there would be a noticeable increase in temperature. To add to that, our bedroom up there is the hottest room in the house!

“After having the Solar Whiz and a couple of ceiling vents installed, I couldn’t believe how much cooler it was inside. Now all that hot air gets sucked straight out and it is pretty much the same temperature inside the house, as it is outside in the shade. We still use the air conditioner, but not as long, and it doesn’t need to work flat out all the time.

“We also went with the option to have the alternate power hooked up to allow for the night operation of the Solar Whiz. This ensured we can still get rid of any hot air even after the sun has stopped shining on the solar panel. Then, once the temperature of the roof space has dropped below the thermostat’s set level, the Solar Whiz turns off. Another benefit of having the power backup is that being Qld, there’s a good chance that storm clouds will come over in the afternoon. The mains power kicks in at this point and the Solar Whiz keeps working.

“We are very happy that we had the Solar Whiz installed and even happier that we chose to include the night operation option. It is nice to know that we can enjoy comfortable temperatures without needing to run the air conditioner; or on really hot days if we need the air conditioner, we don’t have to run it for as long, and it doesn’t have to work as hard as it used to.

“We have no hesitation in recommending this system. Arne was a pleasure to deal with and followed through when and how he said he would. It was great to get such good customer service for such a great product.”

Greg & Tegan

Brisbane, QLD

“Installing a Solar Whiz totally changed our kitchen and pantry from being hot and stuffy to well-ventilated and comfortable. The Solar Whiz works perfectly.”

Alan Gray

Editor, EARTH GARDEN Magazine

“Dear GES,

“Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Solar Heating and Solar Heat Extraction. They have both made a significant difference to our house and I am so pleased with their effect.

“The Solar Heating unit completely took the chill off our house in the old section, which meant we could use the rest of the house in winter. It was lovely to come home and the house be cosy at the end of the day, in from cold outdoors (rather than the other way around which is what it used to be). The Solar roof ventilation unit is the reason I am emailing today—hot outside (34 today) and as cool in the upstairs bedrooms with air moving as downstairs in the cool middle room. Superb! An air conditioner couldn’t produce such a lovely effect… Especially in such a design as my terrace.

“If you want to pass anyone onto me for a testimonial I would be very happy to talk to them.

“We are moving down to Geelong next year and I hope we will be able to install some there too!”SW logo in circle


North Fitzroy, VIC

Solar Whiz – Commercial Reviews

“Our workshop is roughly 11,000 cubic metres and has recently had eight SW-RAF10000 units installed primarily to improve the air quality in our 32 vehicle bays. Since installation, our technicians have all reported a significant improvement in airflow and a reduction in workshop fumes. As we are in the tropics, even in winter the units run at full capacity for around 9 hours a day and during this period a slight breeze can be felt throughout the shop. We are waiting the return of summer in order to measure the anticipated reduction in temperatures within the workshop.”

James Thomson

Manager, Auto Corner, Mackay, QLD

“All in all a very good result, keeping the mezzanine to ambient temp is a great success.”

Shaun Dragona

Service Manager, Keema Cars, Brisbane, QLD

Solar Whiz – Sub Floor Ventilation Reviews

“We moved to the South Coast of NSW about 6 months ago and discovered very quickly that all our outdoor gear, including tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks and boots, was being attacked by mildew. Local experts Eurobodalla Sustainable Devices recommended the Solar Whiz. This has worked very well, keeping the basement area warm and mould-free and protecting our equipment very effectively”.

John & Gillian Wilde

South Coast, NSW

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