Big Ass Fans – is that the best solution?

Big Ass ceiling fans can make you feel mildly cooler in hot weather by creating an artificial breeze that evaporates moisture from your skin. However, as soon as big ass fans are turned off, the air inside will feel hot again – instantly. If you stand directly under a fan you may feel a breeze, making you feel cooler for a moment, but step away from the fan and the cooling effects are gone.

Quoting the Big Ass Fans website: “While air movement does not lower the actual temperature in a space, the perceived cooling effect can make a person feel up to 5.6°C cooler.”

Haiku fans can move a lot of air around in the building – and as the air moves around the people in the building it makes them feel a little cooler due to the wind shield factor – but it does not change the temperature in the building. If this is what you are after – then the big ass fan is the right solution for you – but if you’re after more long term cooling effects, that don’t disappear into thin air – straight away, have a look into the Solar Whiz.

Stop using the word ‘perceived’ and get REAL cooling results from Solar Whiz!

Temperatures near the roof of your factory or warehouse can easily creep up to 50 – 60 degrees on a hot day! As the heat keeps building up under your roof as the days goes on the heat starts “pushing down” towards the areas where you work. Rising temperatures inside your commercial warehouse or factory area can be unsafe for your workers and will reduce productivity.

Eliminating the heat build up in your factory or warehouse with a Solar Whiz extracting hot air near the roof, where the heat builds up first, reduces the heat load on your building and stops heat from slowly creeping down into your work space during the day. In order to work effectively, the Solar Whiz will be drawing replacement air into the factory or warehouse via roller doors or other openings. This will result in lower internal temperatures similar to the outside ambient temperature.

Solar Whiz commercial fans are solar powered and each unit could save you hundreds of dollars when comparing with a powered big ass fan and will be far more effective than standard whirlybirds, which rely on heat differential to the outside or windy conditions to operate. Even then, one single Solar Whiz will be at least 3 times more effective than the highest capacity industrial fan currently available in Australia (March 2017).
Solar Whiz may be used in conjunction with evaporative cooling systems and/or big ass fans to enhance the effect of these systems and create a comfortable workplace.

If your evaporative cooling system is creating moisture related problems – one or more Solar Whiz units will help reduce the moisture levels when removing the heat and moisture!
The Solar Whiz extractor fan provides natural ventilation and heat extraction by replacing the hot air with cooler air pulled in through doors, roller doors, vents or other openings to the area being ventilated. This normally enables you to maintain temperatures relatively close to the ambient temperature and reduces the need for expensive alternative cooling options, which may have undesired side effects.

Why Choose Commercial Exhaust Fans over Big Ass Fans?

Multiple Solar Whiz industrial fans units can be installed for the cost of 1 big ass fan – and the impact of the ventilator fan does not disappear when you turn it off.
Furthermore, Solar Whiz can save you fan operation costs and enhance the effect of any existing air cooling systems. The Solar Whiz, unlike big ass fans, are solar powered and cost nothing to run – saving you even more money!

The Solar Whiz may also be operated at full capacity via our constant current module option attached to mains power to work in overcast or even dark conditions to continue removing harmful fumes, ventilating your commercial space around the clock – if required.

Check out the real cooling results this commercial workshop felt with Solar Whiz:

“Our workshop is roughly 11,000 cubic meters and has recently had eight SW-RAF10000 units installed primarily to improve the air quality in our 32 vehicle bays. Since installation, our technicians have all reported a significant improvement in airflow and a reduction in workshop fumes. As we are in the tropics, even in winter the units run at full capacity for around 9 hours a day and during this period a slight breeze can be felt throughout the shop.” – James Thomson (Auto Corner – Mackay)

Solar Whiz big ass fans alternative are designed to remove a large amount of air from commercial or industrial spaces and replace it with fresh, cooler air from outside. This gives factories the required air changes they need each hour and reduce harmful impacts of smells and dangerous fumes in a variety of workplaces.

Learn more about Solar Whiz Big Ass Fans Australia alternatives here or give us a call for a free quote on 1300 655 118!

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