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Our Range of Commercial Extractor Fans

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Solar Whiz provides 2 commercial ventilators. These are each suited towards particular commercial properties! The models we provide are…

  1. The SW-RAF7000,
  2. The SW-RAF10000,

Our roof ventilators rely on RAF (Real Air Flow), a measurement system which determines the actual airflow capacity of a ventilator. Many roof whirlybirds and ventilators only state their Theoretical Capacity (TC), such as a standard roof whirlybird providing near to 100m³/h under optimal conditions. We test our units with all the components attached, not just the power of the fan itself.

Interested in reading into the specifications of our units? Check out our product list below, and click on them to discover how Solar Whiz works tirelessly to keep you cool!



Industrial ventilation and commercial ventilation with Solar Whiz


The Solar Whiz RAF (Real Air Flow) 7000 is our smaller commercial unit. It can move up to 116,667 litres of air per minute, equal to 7,000m³/h.

Expanded SW-RAF7000 Specifications

7000 Cubic Metres per Hour (m³/h)

116,667 Litres of Air per Minute (L/m)

PV Wattage100 Watt
Fan Decible<70 Decibels (dBA)
Dimensions900mm × 300mm
Night OperationsYes, with Constant Current Module (add-on)

Commercial exhaust fans with Solar Whiz Commercial


The Solar Whiz RAF (Real Air Flow) 10000 is our largest commercial ventilator. It can move up to 166,680 litres of air per minute, equal to 10,000m³/h.

Expanded SW-RAF10000 Specifications

10000 Cubic Metres per Hour (m³/h)

166,680 Litres of Air per Minute (L/m)

PV Wattage150 Watt
Fan Decible<70 Decibels (dBA)
Dimensions900mm × 300mm
Night OperationsYes, with Constant Current Module (add-on)

Commercial ventilation is essential for keeping staff comfortable & productive. More importantly, unventilated workplaces can lead to stock damage or loss—think of fruit packing or livestock!

It’s important to take your industrial ventilation seriously. In a standard warehouse, temperatures can easily reach as high as 40°C to 50°C in Summer. This heat doesn’t go anywhere if you can’t extract it! Many businesses turn to industrial whirlybirds, only to find their performance underwhelming.

A Solar Whiz Commercial unit is one of the most powerful roof ventilators on the market. On top of heat management, Solar Whiz assists with…

  1. Moisture extraction,
  2. Mould & fungi prevention,
  3. Air conditioning improvement,
  4. Exhaust control (for steam or smoke).

Interested in finding out more about Solar Whiz? Check out our Whirlybird guide to find out why Solar Whiz trumps a whirlybird.

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