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Extractor Fans for Home Heat Extraction


Solar Whiz extractor fans are a powerful and simple solution for warm, stuffy air in your house. Adding a solar roof heat extractor fan to your home will remove heat from your roof space and introduce ambient, fresh air inside. The Solar Whiz extractor fan range for home cooling, includes our most powerful domestic solar extraction fan, the  SW-AU-R-40, and our smaller unit, the SW-AU-R-28.

GES has effective solar heat extraction solutions for home cooling in large and small areas, including all sizes of homes, to small sheds and mobile homes, in addition to the commercial exhaust fan range for commercial spaces, warehouses, factories, etc.

Solar Roof Fan installed on tin roof

Solar Extractor Fans For Businesses

Using solar extractor fans, our units pull cooler replacement air in through the eave vents or openings made in your roof space, to replace the warm air extracted out.

Replacement air may also be brought in through ceiling vents from the space below. Normally ceiling vents will only be supplying part of the replacement air, but if a part of the inside of the house is particularly hot (e.g. with windows facing the sun or upstairs rooms) – sometimes all the replacement air may be drawn from these areas – either via a duct or simply through the vacuum created in the roof space by the roof extractor fan.

Roof Extractor Fans Used at Night

In warmer climates, it can be stiflingly hot in your roof space and inside your home after the sun has set. You can continue to use your solar roof extractor fan overnight or when it is dark/overcast during the daytime by adding a night operation system. The solar roof extractor fan can be changed to operate on mains power from a 12-volt power supply when the sun is covered. The roof extraction fan will switch back to solar power automatically when there is sufficient sun on the solar panel for the extractor fan to run. Solar Whiz and the night pack can easily be DIY installed or done by an electrician. The ability to operate the extraction fan at night requires a working powerpoint in the roof or attic space to continue ventilating at night or in overcast weather.

extraction fans on an industrial building

Benefits of Installing Solar Whiz Extractor Fans:

Solar Whiz roof extractor fans can effectively remove hot and humid air from the roof space, preventing the buildup of moisture, which can cause damage to the roof and the building’s structure.

By removing hot air from the roof space, Solar Whiz extractor fans can help to reduce the temperature in the living space below, making the indoor environment more comfortable.

Solar Whiz roof extractor fans can help to reduce the load on air conditioning systems, making them more efficient and cost-effective to operate.

By removing moisture from the roof space, Solar Whiz extractor fans can help to prevent the growth of mould and mildew during the colder months, which can cause health problems and damage to the building.

Solar Whiz roof extractor fans can improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants and odours from the living space and the roof space.


Call Solar Whiz on 1300 609 994 to learn more about our domestic extractor fan or industrial extractor fans for commercial ventilation of shops and warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an extractor fan used for?
An extractor fan removes air by expelling it outside through vents or ducts, which allows fresh and dry air to circulate the room. These fans are commonly used to eliminate pollutants and moisture from various spaces.
Do extractor fans remove heat?

Extractor fans are an effective way to cool down a space by removing hot air and allowing cooler air to enter. Additionally, they remove moisture and odour, improving air quality and reducing the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Will an extractor fan cool a room?

Extractor fans help to cool down a room by removing hot and humid air while also improving air quality. Installing an extractor fan in the roof can also reduce heat load in the ceiling, making air conditioners more efficient.

Do extractor fans need to vent outside?

Yes, extractor fans need to vent outside in order to effectively remove moisture, odours, and pollutants from the indoor air. Venting outside also helps to prevent condensation and mould growth, which can pose health risks and damage the building.

Do extractor fans prevent mould?

An extractor fan extracts the moisture from the room to the outside of the building, keeping a mould- and condensation-free optimal climate inside your property.

Do extractor fans clean the air?

Extractor fans extract air containing dust and moisture, eliminating foul smell from a space.