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Solar Whiz – Best Roof Ventilation Australia Dealers & Installers

Solar Whiz operates a dealer network right around Australia. From Sydney Metro to Perth, we have tradespeople offering professional service for your ventilation needs.

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Australia – Eastern States

Brisbane & QLD

Queensland is Australia’s sunshine state, featuring a wide range of beautiful coastlines and inviting tropical weather. Given the abundance of sunlight and heat, it makes perfect sense to install Solar Whiz in your home. With dealers stretching as far up as sunny Cairns and down to the busy metropolitan hubs of Brisbane & the Gold Coast, Solar Whiz guarantees cooler homes and sustainable comfort.

Sydney & NSW

New South Wales is one of the most iconic states in Australia, boasting great tourism hotspots from Eurobodalla all the way to the Hunter Valley. Solar Whiz has roof ventilation experts stretching across the entire New South Wales coast. No matter where you’re located, we can help you find a roof ventilation solution to suit your needs.

Melbourne & VIC

Victoria hosts a wide range of beautiful landscapes, from mountains and valleys to iconic coastal drives such as the Great Ocean Road. However, VIC residents understand the indecisive weather all too well, with scorching temperatures lapsing into downpours, only for the sun to come out again and kick up all the humidity. Solar Whiz is based in Camberwell, with dealers right across the state. If you’re looking for a roof ventilation solution to beat the summer heat, you’re in the right hands.

Hobart & TAS

Tasmania is one of Australia’s most beautiful states, featuring large swathes of pristine forestry and plenty of activities for the wayward tourist. Keeping the heat out of your home isn’t the biggest issue in Tasmania; it’s often keeping the heat in! Windchill and southerly winds keep Tasmania cool throughout the year. You’ll want roof ventilation to supply warmer air into your home to keep it comfortable, and fresh.

Canberra & ACT

Australian Capital Territory is perhaps known best for Canberra, the seat of Australian government, and their strange (if not efficient) roundabouts. Situated in a valley, their winters are crisp and cool, while they swelter through the summer. This creates a demand for cost-effective, efficient ventilation solutions that keep the heat out. Solar Whiz offers premium ventilation services across the territory, ensuring comfortable homes throughout the year.

Australia – Central States

Darwin & NT

Northern Territory features some of the greatest distances between towns and regional hubs in Australia, from the rugged, lush beauty of the Katherine region to the long winding country highways down to Alice Springs. With the overbearing heat that stifles Darwin & the wider NT, Solar Whiz is an ideal solution to keep comfortable throughout the year.

Adelaide & SA

South Australia boasts critically-acclaimed wine and is responsible for more than half the production of all Australian wines. Featuring rugged beauty and a booming Adelaide city, South Australia is set to continue to grow. Solar Whiz has a coastline presence to help SA residents identify and address their roof ventilation needs.

Australia – Western Australia

Perth & WA

Western Australia is the largest individual state of Australia and features a variety of ecosystems, from tropics to deserts and savannahs. With the rapid development and expansion of Perth’s metro area, Solar Whiz has been on the rise servicing commercial and residential properties across the state.

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