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Roof ventilation: residential and commercial


Solar Whiz is the most powerful solar exhaust fan & roof vent available in Australia.
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We offer Residential and Commercial Solutions

Solar Whiz Residential

Solar Whiz

What is the Solar Whiz?

The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar roof ventilator & exhaust fan that can operate completely without mains electricity. It has superior performance and is highly adaptable and flexible. Solar Whiz has been designed specifically for Australian roofs and can be easily installed in all different climates and applications.


Keeps You Cool

Roof ventilation works by pulling the hot air that builds up in your home and/or roof space and replacing it with cooler, ambient air from outside. This reduces the overall temperature in your home and stops the transfer of heat from roof spaces into your home.

Keeps You Dry

Solar Whiz units are also used to extract moisture and condensation from roof and under-floor areas. This is an excellent way to remove and prevent mould in your home that could be impacting air quality or even the structural soundness of the building.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

With a cooler roof space and less transfer heat, your existing air conditioner heater won’t have to work anywhere near as hard to achieve the same results. An air conditioner that runs better costs you much less and lasts you much longer!

Free to Run

Solar Whiz is a market-leading product that can run entirely powered by the sun. That means that there are never any electricity bills associated with your unit.

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How Does The Solar Whiz Work?

The Solar Whiz roof ventilation unit and exhaust fan prevents heat build up in your roof space and reduces the heat load on your ceiling. This prevents heat from radiating down into your living space. This results in lower roof space temperatures as well as lower internal temperatures. Solar Whiz roof ventilation provides your family with a more comfortable indoor living space, whilst potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs, if you’re using air conditioning.

Replacement air is the key to the Solar Whiz functionality, and must be available for the unit to effectively remove heat or moisture. Replacement air is most commonly accessed via eave vent or ceiling vents. Heat or moisture may also be extracted directly via ducting.

Eave Vent Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz extracts hot air out of your roof space, and replaces it with cooler ambient air from outside.

Ceiling Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz systems can also extract air directly out of your home interior via ceiling vents.

Ducted Ventilation/Exhaust

If you need specialized extraction, Solar Whiz can be set up with ducting.

Spring and Summer Operation

Roof temperatures can easily reach temperatures of over 60°C on a hot, sunny day. This heat can have a few effects on your home:

  • Ducting systems (like air-conditioners) have to work harder to keep cool and effectively function
  • Heat transfers from the roof space into the rooms below, making them hot and uncomfortable
  • Internal structures may even warp and deteriorate due to extreme heat

A Solar Whiz unit is perfect for 

summer symbol
Spring symbol

extracting the heat from any roof space. Which subsequently increases the efficiency of your air-conditioner whilst also keeping your house cooler in the first place!

Autumn and Winter Operation

Many people don’t realise that roof ventilation is just as important during the colder months as it is over summer. Colder, wetter weather leads to an increase in moisture and humidity in your roof space. Everyday household activities such as showering, cooking and drying clothes also contribute to higher levels of moisture. Ultimately, a damp roof-space can result in:

  • Damaged or warped internal structures
  • Mould and mildew growth that can cause or worsen health issues like asthma and dust mites
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Our units are a powerful solution for removing moist air and keeping your roof space healthy and dry.

After installing the Solar Whiz roof ventilation system, the efficiency of your existing air conditioning system will also improve. Your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard when operating and the actual running time will be reduced, as you won’t need to run the air conditioner as often. Read more about how Solar Whiz roof ventilation can increase the air conditioning efficiency in your home or at work using commercial exhaust fans.

Main Applications & Key Features

Solar Whiz is a simple and effective roof ventilation system and solar exhaust fan with many applications and the ability to be installed in a variety of ways.

Home Ventilation

Office Ventilation

Commercial Ventilation

Fume Extraction

Mould and Condensation Prevention

1. Mark SW install - 3

Residential Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz is a powerful solar roof ventilation system and exhaust fan for effective roof ventilation and heat extraction, ensuring a more comfortable home without running costs, and increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Commercial Ventilation

The Solar Whiz commercial exhaust fans and industrial extractor fans are ideal for factory ventilation and warehouse ventilation. They are a superior and economical solar commercial exhaust fan alternative to traditional wind-driven industrial whirlybird fans.

Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub floor ventilation is often the best place to start addressing mould & mildew issues before they become serious & threaten your home with dry or wet timber rot.

Solar Whiz Accessories

A wide range of Solar Whiz accessories and options are available to complement and enhance your Solar Whiz roof ventilation installation. Need a thermostat to control when your Solar Whiz runs? Need it to run at night? We’ve got you covered.

Inline Fans

For situations where installing a Solar Whiz may not be appropriate due to limited space, inline fans may be used as an alternative solution for ventilation. Atop this, we also offer gable mounting as well as sub-floor fans.

Portables & Cabins

Do whirlybirds really work for roof ventilation? NO! The Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-15 is a simple & effective way to ensure proper roof ventilation & cooling of smaller buildings, protecting against mould whilst saving you money!

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  •  Easy Installation & Setup
  •  A Variety Of Sizes
  •  No Running Costs
  •  Commercial and Residential
  •  DIY Available
  •  Solar Powered
  •  Reduces Heat Build Up In The Roof Space
  •  Different Capacities Available
  •  Thermostat Options Available
  •  Up To x20 Times More Powerful Than A Whirlybird
  •  Sleek and Flexible Design
  •  Designed For Australian Roofs
  •  Reduces Moisture Build Up
  •  Fresh Air Contribution
  •  No Carbon Emission
  •  Quiet Operation
  •  Sub-Floor Ventilation Alternatives
  •  Safe Low Voltage Installation
  •  Easily Tilt To Attract Ultimate Sun
  •  No Electrician Required
  •  Night Pack Available

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