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One of the main reasons people install sub floor ventilation fans is to remove and prevent mould growth in their homes. 

Why Does Mould Grow Under Flooring?Sub floor ventilation fans

Mould can only grow in dark, moist, and humid conditions. Mould can start growing when water gets into the cracks between tiles or floorboards and there isn’t enough ventilation to dry the area properly. Under floor and sub floor spaces are often damp due to the soil underneath the house generating heat that gets trapped.
There are many reasons that mould might start growing in your home. This can happen in both your under floor and sub floor areas. Without proper ventilation, the space between floor tiles, floor boards and carpets can develop mould. This is called your under floor area. The space underneath your house, between the ground and the bottom of your floor, is known as the sub-floor space. This area is prone to collecting moisture and often has poor ventilation, making it a prime location for mould growth.
If you have problems with mould in your underflooring or sub floor you may notice stains and musty smells throughout your house. It is also common to see condensation and mould on windows as symptoms of poor sub floor health.

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Mould In Your Home’s Sub Floor And Crawl Space?

The best way to get rid of mould is to improve sub floor ventilation. This is also the best way to prevent it from growing in the first place! Sub floor ventilation fans will extract the damp, moist air from under the house and replace it with fresh and dry air from outside. This will help to dry out the sub floor environment and remove any mould that has been growing there.

There are multiple methods used to ventilate sub floor spaces. At Solar Whiz we customise our sub floor installations to the specific needs of our clients. In general, the 4 methods we rely on are:

  1. Sub Floor VentilationBifurcation. This method uses a single duct split into multiple air intake points. Using multiple intakes means that air can be extracted from a range of different spaces in the sub floor space. It is a highly customisable installation method and our most popular sub floor ventilation set up.
  2. Single Duct Extraction. This method uses a single duct air intake to extract air from a specific area. It can be used to direct air movement in a particular path through the sub floor space.
  3. Roof-mounted. This method involves a roof-mounted Solar Whiz unit and is used when there is not enough space for a sub floor ventilation fan in the sub floor space. The Solar Whiz unit is ducted through a cupboard or wall-space to the sub floor.
  4. Push/pull. This method uses a single air intake and is especially useful in segmented sub floor spaces.

Why Do Some Houses Have Sub Floor Ventilation Fans?

There are lots of reasons that sub floor ventilation fans might be installed in a home. Some of the major issues that sub floor ventilation deals with include:

Dealing with moisture in your home is important for maintaining structural integrity, improving comfort and reducing indoor air pollutants. If you believe your home has issues with sub floor ventilation, get in contact with us today!