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summer symbolSummer is fast approaching and Australia is bracing for long, hot sunny days. One of the best ways to stay cool and keep your energy costs low is to install solar fans like Solar Whiz for ventilation in your home or business.


Keep Your House And Business Cool In The Hot Summer With Solar Fans.

Solar Whiz is a powerful solar fan that can help to remove hot air from building up in your home. Roof spaces can easily reach 60-70° Celsius on a sunny summer’s day, which can have serious impacts on your home. This heat is transferred into the rooms below, making the living spaces in your home hotter and more uncomfortable. This can still happen even with insulation. In extreme cases, wooden roof structures can warp under heat stress.
Solar Whiz works by extracting hot air out of your roof space and replacing it with cooler air from outside. By keeping your roof space as close to the outside ambient air temperature as possible using a solar fan you can keep your house and business much cooler without any extra costs!

Reduce Heat Without Using An Air Conditioner With Solar Fans

Many air conditioners are not very efficient, making them expensive to run and keep cool during summer. With a solar fan extracting hot air from your roof space, there is far less heat load on the living or working spaces in the building. This means that the rooms stay much cooler without you having to turn the air conditioner on at all!

Additionally, a cooler roof space means that the air conditioning unit and ducting are kept in a much cooler space. As a result, the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve the same cooling effects. If you need to turn the air conditioner on, it’ll work much better with much less effort!

Clearly, solar fans are an ideal way to reduce the heat in your house or business without having to rely on an expensive and inefficient air conditioner!


The Best Way To Position Solar Fans To Cool A Warm House Or Business

Solar Whiz offers multiple installation methods to suit the specific needs of each of our customers. 

Standard Roof Ventilation Method

Eave Vent Roof Ventilation With Solar FansThis is the most common method of roof ventilation. In this set up, the solar fan extracts hot air from the roof space and draws in replacement air from eave vents (or gable vents if the building doesn’t have eaves). The outside air is preferably drawn in from eave vents because this air is generally shaded and kept cooler than air sourced from sunny locations.

The main objective of this ventilation method is to reduce the heat load on interior ceilings. It will also improve the performance of your air conditioning unit.


Heat Removal From Interior Rooms

Roof Ceiling Ventilation With Solar FansAn alternative ventilation method extracts hot air directly from interior rooms using ceiling vents. Instead of drawing replacement air from outside, the solar fan drags air from interior rooms. This is particularly useful in multi-storey buildings where the upper-level rooms can get uncomfortably warm during the day. 



Direct Heat Extraction Using Ducting

Ducted roof exhaust fan with solar fansIn some cases, it may be necessary to extract heat directly from a specific room or area. This method is used in circumstances where a particular area requires attention. It can be great for mould prevention in damp areas or heat extraction in hot spaces.




Cool Down Your Home And Business Without Electricity Using Solar Fans

Solar Whiz solar fans are, as their name suggests, solar-powered. That means that they operate without any mains power or running costs. Keep your house or building cool AND cut your energy costs with Solar Whiz!

Our solar fans deliver market-leading airflow and are proudly Australian-made. The residential solar fans can extract up to 2,300 cubic metres of air per hour, and 10,000 cubic metres for our commercial solar fans. We also offer multiple accessories and customisations to suit each installation to the specific needs and requirements of every customer. Get in contact today to have a powerful, Australian-made ventilation system personalised to your own needs!