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Why is Roof Ventilation During Winter Important?

Residential roof ventilation systemMany people don’t realise how important roof ventilation is during winter. Colder and wetter weather has a big impact on the indoor environment and conditions. Ventilation plays a much bigger role than simply removing heat build-up during summer. Ventilating roof spaces is actually crucial for a healthy, structurally sound and comfortable home. This article will explain how our solar-powered roof ventilation systems are a must-have for any home this winter.


Maintain a Healthy Indoor Environment

Doors and windows are closed almost all the time during winter which means that fresh air isn’t being introduced to the house. As a result, the inside air can become clogged up with all sorts of pollutants. Carbon dioxide from people breathing and household appliances. Pollen and pet hair, even mould. Mould can be really bad for people’s health if it is not managed properly. 

Roof ventilation extracts stale indoor air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. Flushing out old air with fans removes pollutants like carbon dioxide from your house. This will greatly improve the air quality in your home. You can breath easy with a Solar Whiz supplying you with fresh air!


Keep your House Structures Strong

Mould on ceilingDaily household activities and appliances like showering, cooking, clothes washing and drying generate moisture. Heating systems are also major contributors to moisture build-up. Moisture can easily become trapped in the house and cause structural issues without good ventilation. This is especially a problem during winter because of higher humidity levels and fewer open doors and windows.

A lack of air movement from poor ventilation means that moisture and condensation that builds up isn’t removed. Heating systems can also generate humidity that results in rising dampness that collects in your roof space. Moisture in your home can warp wooden structures and is the perfect breeding ground for mould. Keep an eye out for signs of excess moisture like discoloured walls and ceilings and window condensation.

We have a page dedicated to the effects of mould and condensation on your home here.


Improve the Comfort of Your Home

Roofing ventilation benefits existing heating systems in your home. Just like it benefits air conditioning systems during summer! By removing the build-up of stale and moist air, your heater can work much more efficiently. That’s because your system doesn’t have to work as hard to get the same results. Ventilation also introduces fresh air into your home which means you won’t be recirculating stale and polluted air through your house.

A ventilation system like Solar Whiz will improve the comfort of your home by keeping it dry and ensuring your heating system is working to the best of its abilities.
SW-AU-R-35 unit

What Makes Solar Whiz the Best Roof Ventilator for Ventilation During Winter?

Solar Whiz is a solar-powered roof ventilation solution. Our system is powerful and efficient that performs well even in overcast conditions. If you are worried about the system underperforming then we can equip you with extra components to suit your needs.

As a solar roof vent, our units can operate with zero running costs and zero emissions! This could potentially save you hundreds on your energy bills! Solar Whiz is the perfect addition to any house that wants to increase its energy efficiency all year round.

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