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Solar Whiz Residential

Solar Roof Ventilation

Interested in Solar Roof Ventilation with Solar Whiz? It extracts large volumes of hot air out of your roof space, preventing it from leaking through your ceiling into your living spaces. Download the Solar Whiz Brochure here to read more about it!


Solar Whiz Commercial

Commercial Ventilation Solutions

If you work in a commercial property or even an industrial property, you’re probably aware of how hot that space can get if you don’t have a HVAC system working tirelessly to keep a space cool. If you can’t mount a HVAC system, or the expense of running one are too high—Commercial Ventilation with Solar Whiz may be for you! Contact us here and we’ll send a brochure to you.


Sub Floor Ventilation

Solar Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub floor space ventilation is essential. If you leave your sub floor space unventilated, it can grow musty, mouldy—or worse; it can begin to develop timber rot! Once rotting begins, it’s already too late. Investing in solar ventilation ensures moisture extraction, and mould deterrence. Download the Sub Floor Ventilation Brochure here to read more about it!

Quote Request

Quote Request

Quote Request

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Commercial ventilation

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Solar Whiz Lights

SLW3-225 light

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