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State School Project, Queensland

Supplied and installed by our Gold Coast dealer:

Robbie Mills of BRIGHT N COOL in January 2013

As part of the State Primary School’s “Classroom Comfort Project”, this school opted for installing several solar-powered roof whirlybirds, ceiling vents as well as numerous floor and wall vents. This was in the aim of reducing heat accumulation in roof cavities and aid in the natural cross-flow ventilation of the existing and newly installed whirlybird roof vents. Ultimately, the goal was to create a more cool, comfortable, working and learning environment for students and teachers alike.

School heat extraction with solar Fan

The school’s ultimate goal was successfully achieved by installing 12 Solar Whiz roof whirlybirds units ranging from the smallest SW1400 through to the largest SW3000. These units were installed strategically throughout the school on various flat, pitched and gable roofs to reduce accumulated heat in the roof cavities of classrooms as well as several staff areas.

Overall, the roof ventilator installation was able to create a more comfortable environment for both the teachers and students as it aided in the natural ventilation of the school, increased the efficiency of the existing air conditioning as well as reduced their overall costs for running air conditioning for extended periods.

The school ventilation project has proved to be greatly successful and endeavours are now to expand and offer the same opportunity for neighbouring schools in Queensland as well as around Australia. Solar Whiz roof whirlybirds are perfect for hot climates like Queensland and large areas with many rooms, like schools. This is because it can help you cut down on so much air conditioning usage, minimising costs and saving energy. Solar Whiz whirlybird ventilation units can run all day and night if needed, giving your employees and students a fresh and comfortable learning environment to focus on.

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