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Ventilation in Sports Facilities

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Many sports facilities and complexes struggle to maintain the right indoor environment. Issues relating to humidity and heat control can be particularly bothersome. Solar Whiz is the perfect solution to addressing sports facility ventilation issues.

Our solar exhaust fans for sports facilities are a highly effective way of extracting hot air and controlling temperatures in sports facilities such as gyms, indoor sports areas, and pools.

Swimming pool ventilation and gym ventilation is essential to keeping athletes cool in hot, summer weather. Solar Whiz offers high-capacity commercial exhaust fans for sports facilities ventilation, gym ventilation, and indoor pool ventilation. They are efficient and cost-effective alternatives to electric industrial exhaust fans – and industrial whirlybirds for commercial ventilation.

Our top-of-the-range ventilation units have the capacity to move as much as 10,000 cbm/h of warm air. Being solar-powered they are also able to do so without any operation costs!
Does your sports facility get the recommended number of air changes per hour? Call us to find out!

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