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Energy Saving Solar Whiz Installation

Keema Cars, Springwood, Queensland

“All in all a very good result, keeping the mezzanine to ambient temp is a great success.”

Shaun Dragona

Service Manager, Keema Cars

Keema Cars is a car parts warehouse in the hot climate of Queensland. The business had multiple energy-saving Solar Whiz units installed in order to create a more comfortable work environment in the warehouse for both employees and customers.

Solar ventilation with Solar Whiz is strong enough to efficiently ventilate and cool large commercial spaces. This includes warehouses, like Keema Cars, factories, schools, and offices. The Solar Whiz ventilation unit, SW-RAF10000, is an energy-efficient way to reduce the use of your electricity-powered air conditioner. Solar Whiz works in conjunction with powered air conditioning on extremely hot days, keeping large spaces cooler and helps to reduce your energy costs by decreasing the amount of time needed to run an air conditioner.

Keema Cars Springwood

Solar Whiz Commercial roof ventilation units reduce the heat load in the roof space and ceiling. This creates a fresh and cool working environment without the need for regular mains-powered cooling.

The sidewall of Keema Cars receives the most sunlight and heat during the day as it faces the sun. With the energy-efficient Solar Whiz installed the temperature came down to 39 degrees. A very effective energy-saving result for a space that is constantly heated by the sun.

Our solar powered fans are powerful enough to ventilate and introduce fresh air to large, open commercial spaces. The Solar Whiz can help you save energy day and night by ventilating your roof space, even if it is muggy and hot overnight.

With a day/night pack, Solar Whiz can draw fresh air into your workspace at all hours of the day. Solar Whiz still uses significantly less power than a traditional air conditioning system and in areas, such as the tropical weather of Queensland, we understand that ventilation needs to occur after the sun has set as well to get the most out of your cooling systems.

This diagram shows the temperatures in the Keema Cars parts warehouse after the Solar Whiz rooftop ventilator was installed. The outside ambient temperature was 37 degrees celsius on this day. All spaces, except for the sidewall, were at or under the outside ambient temperature.

Parts of the Keema Cars warehouse

To find out more about this kind of energy-saving solar roof ventilation installation please call us at 1300 609 994 or contact us here.

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