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Do Solar Ventilation Fans and Solar Attic Fans Work?

To put it simply, yes. Solar Whiz has been providing the Australian market with solar powered fans for ventilation since 2010. That gives us 12 years’ worth of experience in providing powerful and effective ventilation that actually works. Solar attic fans work by introducing fresher, drier, and cooler air into your home whilst extracting the hot and humid air that builds up inside.

Additionally, using solar roof fans for ventilation eliminates running costs and energy use. That means that your house is being ventilated without any extra energy costs or consumption! Solar-powered air vent fans also help to improve the efficiency of an existing air conditioning system, saving you even more money! This works because the air around the air conditioner unit itself and the connected ducting is surrounded by cooler air so they don’t have to work as hard to achieve the same results.

Humidity and moisture levels can also be reduced using Solar Whiz. This can be an important year-round issue in places like Queensland or the Northern Territory where the climate is hotter and far more humid. It is also a problem during winter and/or wet seasons as moisture and condensation can easily build up in the house, leading to mould growth. Solar roof fans are a powerful tool to prevent the negative health impacts of mould in your house.


How Long Do Solar Vents Last?

We offer a life expectancy of 50,000 hours on the fan motors, which is about 5.7 years of operation if the fan was running 24 hours a day. It’s also really easy to replace the motor if or when you need to. We also offer various accessories and attachments like thermostats that give you control over when the roof fans operate. Thermostats let the unit turn on or off at a set temperature, meaning that it’ll run when you most need it to. It also gives you the option of turning the system off completely when you don’t need it.

We also offer substantial warranties including:

  • Solar Whiz PV Panels – 10 year warranty
  • Solar Whiz Components – 2 year warranty.

A full breakdown of warranty information, terms & conditions can be located on our GES site or detailed over the phone.

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How Many Solar Vents Do I Need?

Every home will have different ventilation requirements depending on the house size, shape, and location. Our recommendations are based on 12 years of experience working with solar powered air vent fans specifically in the Australian market.

Generally, our SW-AU-R-15 is best suited to home sheds or smaller units because it has an air capacity of 1200m³/h, making it ideal for spaces of up to 120m2. Our SW-AU-R-28 and SW-AU-R-40 units are usually recommended for standard Australian homes. They move around 1700m³/h and 2300m³/h respectively, making them the perfect solar attic fan for spaces between 120m2 and 250m2.

All our recommendations and installations are personalised to our customer’s needs. We don’t subscribe to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach because we know that every application has its own unique challenges. To find out how many solar roof fans your home would need get in contact with us today!


So, Are Solar Attic Fans Worth the Cost?

We strongly believe that our solar attic fans are worth the cost. Solar Whiz is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in Australia. We also complete all of our own tests to make sure the solar attic fans meet our high expectations.

Some of the main reasons we believe our solar roof fans are worth the cost include:

  • Improves comfort in the house
  • NO running costs AND lowers costs on air conditioning
  • Increased efficiency of evaporative coolers
  • Moisture reduction in the house (during winter and in warm climates)
  • Units are made out of stainless steel to give them a longer lifespan
  • 50,000 hours life expectancy for the motor
  • Easy to replace the motor 
  • Option to include a thermostatic control that will help extend the life of the unit

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