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Save Money on Air Conditioning with Solar Whiz

During Summer roof temperatures throughout Australia easily get up to 60-70 degrees depending on the colour and type of roof. Imagine what 65 degrees in your roof space does to the energy efficiency of your central ducted air conditioning system – and the cost of running it!

Roof ventilation is a simple and efficient way to ensure that you have energy saving air conditioners and the lowest possible cost for operating your air conditioning system

Imagine what difference it would make if on a sunny 30 degree day you could reduce the temperature in the working environment of your A/C system (that is your roof space) from 65 to 40 degrees!

It is easy – and there is no running cost. All you need is a Solar Whiz roof ventilator and a few eave vents to achieve more energy efficient air conditioners!

Solar Whiz with A/C roof ventilation

Solar Whiz Ensures That You Have Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

How does it work?

The Solar Whiz will extract the hot air surrounding your airconditioners units and the ducting – and replaces it with cooler outside ambient air – allowing you to increase energy efficiency of your A/C system as it doesn’t have to work as hard, allowing you to have the most efficient air conditioner.

In our experience a 20% increase in efficiency of the airconditioning system is not at all out of the question. The actual increase in efficiency of your air conditioning system as a result of installing a Solar Whiz roof ventilation fan is of course determined by the temperature drop in the roof space, which can be affected by the quality of the insulated ducting used in your A/C installation.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

EPA Victoria’s air conditioning guide outlines a number of ways to keep your home cool by demonstrating styles of air conditioning, and how to help keep your house cooler.

Here are the features that the Air conditioner Guide outlines can reduce the need to operate mechanical cooling and heating:

  • orientation
  • building materials
  •  insulation
  • air movement—ventilation, fans and seals
  • windows
  • shading
  • roof and external wall colour

The Air Conditioner Guide states “Ventilation of the roof space (through the use of roof ventilators, eave or gable vents and/or whole-of-house fans) can assist in removing excess heat from the roof area during summer.”

For a ducted air-conditioning system two factors play a significant role for the efficiency of the A/C:

  • The temperature in the (roof) space where the air conditioner is located
  • The heat gain in the ducting between the A/C unit and the delivery point

Both of these points can be reduced significantly through effective roof ventilation.

The free to operate solar powered Solar Whiz roof vent is a very effective way of reducing roof space temperatures and therefore the workload for the air conditioning system and the heat gain in the ducting – and Solar Whiz works at its best when you need it the most – on clear sunny days!

Night Operation with Solar Whiz

Even though the roof space temperature has been kept at bay during the day by the Solar Whiz – the roof space may still be quite warm after the sun has gone down.

Solar Whiz therefore offers a night operation option – which will enable you to run the Solar Whiz even after sunset.

Want the most energy efficient air conditioner? Well – you can improve what you have –  it is easy and inexpensive!

Once you have installed your solar Whiz – it will not just save energy by increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning and give you the most efficient air conditioner. The Solar whiz will reduce the temperature in your roof space -and therefore the amount of heat that penetrates your ceiling and heats up our house in summer.

When less heat enters your house from the roof space – you don’t need to run your air conditioning as much to stay comfortable – and the Solar Whiz therefore helps you reduce your air conditioning bill – not only increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner – but also by reducing the time that you actually need to run the air conditioner – saving you even more money!

Once you have made sure that you give your A/C the best conditions by keeping the roof space as close to ambient temperature as possible with effective roof ventilation – you can also maximise the performance of the air conditioner by following the four simple steps as outlined by the Sparky Energy Blog to reduce your air conditioning bill:

  • Ensure your filter is clean
  • Have your A/C checked /service regularly
  • Ensure your air ducts don’t leak
  • Keep Your A/C Equipment Clean

“How stuff” also have other tips on reducing air conditioning bills and increasing efficiency of air conditioners.

This site outlines 10 steps for how you may improve air conditioner efficiency and reduce cost of air conditioning by taking the steps to  increase air conditioning efficiency.

In order to estimate the benefit of installing a Solar Whiz to reduce the heat gain in the ducting of an air conditioning system we have used the below assumptions:

Duct Heat Gain Estimate

Duct heat gain is the heat transfer caused by the temperature difference between the ambient air (roof space and the air flowing inside the air duct. Duct heat gain is affected by the temperature difference, the thickness of the duct insulation layer, air volume, flow rate and the size and the shape of the duct.

The website has specific calculations Secs. 17.4 and 20.16. However, outlines a rough estimate of the temperature increase of the supply air for the insulated duct as follows:

Supply air velocity
2000 fpm ( 10 m/s )
2000 fpm ( 10 m/s )
Air temperature rise
1°F/100 ft (0.6°C/30 m) duct length
0.75°F/100 ft (0.45°C/30 m) duct length

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