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Energy Efficient Home Ventilation Animations

How do energy efficient air conditioners work?

The Solar Whiz roof vent and extractor fan is among the simplest and most effective solar cooling solutions. Solar ventilation gives you the best return on investment of any house cooling device and it is free to run and operate! Additionally, Solar Whiz boosts the performance of your air conditioning, helping you secure cost effective and energy efficient home cooling.

Standard roof ventilation installation (with A/C Unit)

Solar Whiz with A/C

Solar Whiz roof ventilation reduces the heat load on your ceiling, helping you to save energy because your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. You may use your air conditioner less  over summer, as a result of ventilating with Solar Whiz – saving you energy and money!

Standard  roof ventilation installation (with eave vents)Solar Heat Extraction Principle PQ

Watch Animation Here

Animation showing standard roof ventilation set-up with Solar Whiz roof ventilator drawing replacement air in through eave vents for effective roof space ventilation. Eave vents bring in fresh, cool air from outside to refresh your roof space and reduce heat loads.

 Heat removal from interior via vents

Solar Heat Extraction Principle duct redo-01

Watch Animation Here

Animation showing roof ventilation with Solar Whiz roof ventilator drawing replacement air from rooms via ceiling vents for effective roof space ventilation – as well as heat extraction. Ceiling vents are great for double storey homes in the rooms upstairs that get hotter than downstairs and may have less fresh, outside replacement air available. No tubing or difficult installation is necessary for extraction with interior vents. Heat extraction with a solar exhaust fan will keep your upstairs rooms more comfortable and cool during hot days, making your upstairs areas enjoyable all year round.

Direct Heat  Extraction and Removal via Ducts

Solar Heat Extraction Principle duct-01

Watch Animation Here

Animation showing heat extraction with Solar Whiz heat extractor/solar vent removing hot air directly from rooms via ceiling vents for energy saving home cooling and/or home ventilation assisting mould prevention.

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