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Big Ass Fans suit both commercial and residential properties.

Got a Big Ass Fan and Still Feeling the Summer Heat?

Big Ass Fans are practical ceiling fans that move air around in great quantities. This does not mean they will make a space cooler.

They work best when they are operated with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. Big Ass Fans circulate cool air around an indoor space. The Big Ass Fan itself, however, isn’t an air conditioner or a heat extractor. It’s simply a big (ass) ceiling fan!


Well, what do Big Ass Fans do?

Big Ass Fans do not directly cool air, but they do create a perceived cooling effect because they’re moving great volumes of air around a space.

This is perhaps best used for circulating warmer rising air in winter when warmer air is trapped closer to your ceiling or roof. Or, for moving the airflow from an air conditioner around faster. Even though a Big Ass Fan doesn’t directly cool you down, it still serves a practical function in moving air better than any other roof-based fan.

Dedicated heat extraction systems are necessary to actually cool the inside air in a business.


Why do I need commercial heat extraction?

Commercial ventilation or heat extraction does what a Big Ass Fan isn’t able to do; it takes the existing warm, humid air and extracts it up and out of your roof. If you have large, open window shutters or roller doors that can be used to draw in replacement air, you can guarantee a roof ventilator like a Solar Whiz will help keep ambient temperatures lower. After all, why let your business bake under the sun, when you can keep the inside of your building closer to the ambient outside temperature?

Solar Ventilators work tirelessly to keep heat out of your property.

Big Ass Fans are fantastic for moving air—but are they good for cooling your home or business?

Which is better: a Roof Ventilator or a Big Ass Fan?

How do Big Ass Fans ventilate?

Big Ass Fans rely on moving huge amounts of air through a building. This is incredibly helpful when running at the same time as an HVAC or air conditioning system, but doesn’t necessarily provide any benefit on its own. There are a variety of fans available, and in a wide range of sizes & styles—all of which offer you:

Massive airflow – The wide-reaching blades of a Big Ass Fan scoop large volumes of air very quickly,

Quiet operation – Big Ass Fans utilize direct-drive motors for incredibly quiet running volume,

Stylish Looks – Big Ass Fans offer minimal, slim profiles that can be customized to match the theme or decor of your commercial property.

The downsides, however, include:

An inability to lower indoor temperatures – Big Ass Fans create powerful refreshing breezes, but they cannot actively lower interior temperatures beyond moving existing cool air ‘down’ to the floor,

Steep prices – A Big Ass Fan is a considerable investment, from as little as $745.00 (AUD) to as much as $3700.00 (USD).

How Do Solar Whiz Fans Ventilate?

Solar Whiz relies on two simple principles: extracting hot air inside a roof space or building and replacing it with cooler exterior ambient air. This allows hot air to be flushed out, and cool air to enter a space. If you need a system that will help cool on scorching summer days, our commercial extractor fans offer:

Market-leading airflow – Solar Whiz offers a range of units offering as little as 1200m³/h to as much as 10,000m³/h,

Accessories & flexibility – Solar Whiz offers a range of accessories including thermostats, constant current modules, and mounting systems,

Cost efficient, powerful results – A Solar Whiz system runs 100% free on solar power. Even if paired with a constant current module, a Solar Whiz theoretically costs as little as $61.32 a year to run, compared to mains-powered ventilators that can exceed $1,655.64 in operational costs,

Work-safe compliance – Continually flushing hot air out of your business and providing cool replacement air helps keep employees cooler, and productivity higher.

Which one is right for me?

Both Big Ass Fans and Solar Whiz offer two distinctly different options for cooling & ventilation. Solar Whiz tackles the issue of heat build-up directly, while Big Ass Fans keeps air circulating constantly. If you’re interested in a system designed to move heat in winter and air conditioning in summer, a Big Ass Fan might be of interest.

If you need the heat load extracted as soon as the sun rises, or simply want to stop relying on air conditioning, go Solar Whiz today.

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