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Solar Whiz Commercial — Commercial Laundry

Case Study


Keilor Dry Cleaning



Keilor Downs, Victoria


Client’s Needs

This small commercial laundry has steam boilers and equipment that produce a lot of moisture and heat. The owners were in need of a ventilation solution that could help keep the roof space cool and work to keep the moisture levels down.


The Solution

Solar Whiz recommended that the facility install one SW-AU-C-155 unit, with the option of adding a second unit if the first did not deliver the results necessary.

The installation includes a thermostat and a night operations kit to help ensure stable airflow regardless of solar conditions. This will guarantee that heat and steam will continue to be removed from the premises overnight and during the day in less-than-ideal conditions.



The owners felt an immediate positive impact after installing the Solar Whiz unit. There was a huge difference in the heat and moisture levels in the laundry. They have been very happy with the results and regret not doing it sooner!

Commercial Laundry Installation
Commercial Laundry Installation
Commercial laundry installation

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