Commercial Ventilation – Frequently Asked Questions

General Industrial Whirlybirds Questions

What sort of applications are industrial whirlybirds suitable for?

Where can I purchase Solar Whiz products?

Airflow Capacity

How much air can the Solar Whiz Commercial Ventilation Systems (SW-RAF10000) move?

How much air each type of Solar Whiz is able to move compared to a standard whirlybird?

Calculating Needs

How many industrial whirlybirds roof ventilation units do I need?

An Example of Calculating the Recommended air changes per hour…

What model of Solar Whiz is best for ventilating a Large Shed, Warehouse, or Factory?


Can the commercial ventilation system be thermostatically controlled?


What size is the motor and PV panel that is supplied with the commercial roof exhaust fan?

How noisy is the commercial ventilation fan?

What are the components of a Solar Whiz?

 What is the casing made of? Is it strong?

What are the dimensions of the units?

General Ventilation

Why is passive ventilation not enough?What is replacement air and how do we get replacement air into our building?

What is the difference between an intake and exhaust vent?

I want to stop warm air escaping during the winter months from the Solar Whiz opening even after installing a thermostat. How is this done? 


Can I install a Solar Whiz on my shed/workshop etc.?

How difficult is it to install a Solar Whiz?


What is the warranty on the industrial ventilator and how do I obtain a warranty service?

How do I obtain warranty service?

Are replacement parts available?

My warranty has expired – can I purchase replacement parts?

Alternate Functions

Can the industrial roof ventilation system unit run at night?

Can the Solar Whiz be used at night?

What if I want to ventilate all the time?

Can the unit be set to run during a fixed time period?


Where are Solar Whiz products produced?

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