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Big Ass Fans are a popular commercial ventilation solution. They are exactly what they say they are: really big ceiling fans. 


How Do Big Ass Fans Work?

This diagram illustrates how big ass fans move air through a building, without actually cooling it.

This diagram shows how big ass fans move air through a building, without actually cooling it.

At their most basic level, Big Ass Fans work by moving large amounts of air, increasing circulation. This helps to regulate indoor temperatures during summer and winter:

Summer – fans circulate cool air from an air conditioner around the business. This helps to keep the workspace cooler because the cool air is not trapped close to the air conditioner.

Winter – fans recirculate the hot air that gets stuck in the ceiling. Because heat rises, circulating this air with a fan helps to bring this warm air back to lower levels. This is goof for indoor temperature regulation.


Fans like these can be great for commercial ventilation systems. However, it is important to note that Big Ass Fans do not cool indoor temperatures. The air movement generated by fans helps to cool the people in the building, not the air inside.


How Do Commercial Extractor Fans Compare?

This is where commercial exhaust fans come in handy.  Extraction and exhaust fans remove the hot air that builds up inside and replaces it with cooler, ambient air from outside. Instead of cooling the people inside, these fans cool the actual air space. This direct heat extraction is the biggest advantage that Solar Whiz has over big ass fans.

Just like Big Ass Fans, commercial extractor fans are not air conditioners. They work best when working with a dedicated cooling system.This diagram illustrates how Solar Whiz Commercial extracts heat and keeps your business cool. This diagram shows how Solar Whiz extractor fans extract heat and effectively keep your establishment cool.


What About Solar Whiz Commercial Ventilation Systems?

Solar Whiz is a cost-effective alternative to Big Ass Fans for your business. Our units are solar powered fans that serve as extremely powerful commercial exhaust fans.

Commercial SW unitSolar Whiz offers market-leading airflow capacity. Our largest commercial solar fans can move up to 10,000m³/h of air. They can also be operated solely as solar powered fans. That means that they have zero operating costs and have zero carbon emissions!

In addition to this, our systems are modular, so you can add accessories such as thermostats and night operations to better suit the system to your needs.


Overall, there are many pros and cons to big ass fans. You can read some more about them here. If you know what you want, and big ass fans suit those needs, then they are a great solution for commercial ventilation. However, if your business needs to actively remove hot and/or polluted air from your workplace then Solar Whiz is the best option for you.