Residential Ventilators – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you tell me how much air each type of Solar Whiz ventilators are able to move compared to a Whirlybird working at capacity?

2. What size Solar Whiz do I need?

3. How noisy is the fan of the Solar Whiz ventilators?

4. Is the gable end unit mounted at the end of the house in the wall towards the apex instead of on the roof? What models are available and what is their capacity?

5. Can the Solar Whiz gable model be used for ventilating sub floor areas?

6. How big an area/roof space does the Solar Whiz ventilate?

7. Can the Solar Whiz ventilators be used at night?

8. What if I have cathedral ceilings with no/minimal roof space?

9. Can you over-ventilate your roof space?

10. What is the difference between an intake and exhaust vent?

11. Can I install Solar Whiz ventilators on my shed/workshop etc.?

12. Why is passive ventilation not enough?

13. What are your product warranties?

14. How do I obtain warranty service?

15. My warranty has expired – can I purchase replacement parts?

16. How difficult is it to install a Solar Whiz?

17. How does roof line design affect a ventilation system?

18. What if I do not have much space between the roof and ceiling (cathedral ceiling or flat roof)?

19. Does the Solar Whiz turn off in winter? Can I install a thermostat?

20. I want to stop warm air escaping during the winter months from the Solar Whiz opening even after installing a thermostat. How is this done?

21. Where are Solar Whiz products produced?

22. Where can I purchase Solar Whiz products?

23. Do Solar Whiz ventilators still work in the rain?

24. Why are ceiling/eave vents important?

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