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Why Your Home Needs Roof Vents 

Eave vent installed in eaves

If you want to extract heat or properly ventilate your roof space it is crucial that you have roof vents. Solar Whiz offers a wide range of solar roof ventilation fans for effective roof ventilation, reducing the need for conventional house cooling, using air conditioning or evaporative cooling systems. However, in order for our units to do their job properly your home will need vents to let in replacement air. Solar Whiz roof vents will help to extract hot air from the roof space and replace it via eave vents (sometimes also referred to as air vents) for an effective roof ventilation solution. 

The roof vents and roof ventilator will (if sufficient replacement air is available) bring the roof space temperature down close to ambient temperature, which in turn will reduce the heat load on the ceiling and the amount of heat radiating into the home. Consequently, the temperature in the home or workplace will be reduced and the need for house cooling in the form of air conditioning or evaporative cooling. Roof ventilation products work by decreasing the heat in the roof space, so replacement air can make a substantial difference and bring in cool replacement air.


Roof Vents Help Improve the Efficiency of Existing Home Cooling

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Furthermore, electricity usage for the above mechanical house cooling will not only be reduced due to minimal running time – but ducted air conditioning systems will also become more efficient due to your new effective roof ventilators. As the temperature in the roof space is reduced from the roof vents, heat gain in the ducts are also reduced – and the air conditioning system, therefore, operates more effectively. Saving you even more money on your roof ventilation systems!

Natural Ventilation with Roof Vents

1. Mark SW install - 3It can be debated exactly what natural ventilation encompasses, and whether Solar Whiz roof vents and units should be considered natural or mechanical ventilation devices. However, it is hard to dispute that the large volume of air moved through the air vent ensures effective roof ventilation.

If you have turned your roof space into an attic, you have probably noticed how warm it gets (due to poor roof ventilation) on sunny days – maybe even making it impossible to use for large parts of the year. Reclaim your attic space by installing a Solar Whiz roof vent for effective attic roof ventilation!

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