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Why Your Home Needs Roof Vents

Eave vent installed in eaves

If you want to extract heat or properly ventilate your roof space it is crucial that you have roof vents. Solar Whiz offers a wide range of solar roof ventilation fans for effective roof ventilation that helps to reduce the need for conventional house cooling. With proper ventilation, you are far less likely to rely on your air conditioning or evaporative cooling systems to keep the summer heat at bay. However, in order for our units to do their job properly your home will need vents to let in replacement air. Solar Whiz units extract hot air from the roof space and replace it by drawing in fresh air through eave vents.

Roof ventilators will lower the roof space temperature to close to ambient temperature if enough replacement air is provided. Replacing hot and moist inside air with cooler and drier air limits the heat load on your house and optimises the performance of your existing cooling systems. A reduced heat load on the house means that less heat is being transferred into the livable areas of the house. That makes the indoor environment far more comfortable without having to use air conditioning. Furthermore, because the roof space is cooler, air conditioning systems are able to work far more efficiently, meaning they keep you cooler much better, whilst using far less energy!


Why We Recommend Eave Vents

Replacement air can be introduced from any opening into the roof space or home. That could mean gaps in the roof tiles, open windows, and open doors. At Solar Whiz we suggest eave vents because the air is usually shaded and therefore cooler than air in other places. The air under your eaves is the coolest and freshest air available to your home and will give you the best ventilation results.

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Natural Ventilation with Roof Vents

1. Mark SW install - 3When people talk about natural ventilation they usually mean passive ventilation. Passive ventilation relies on design features and natural processes to promote air movement and cooling. It can be a powerful tool when it is included in the design from the start of the building process. If you are able to incorporate passive ventilation and cooling into your building we would strongly recommend doing so.

Sometimes when people say natural ventilation units they mean whirlybirds. They are considered natural because they use wind power to turn the turbines and extract hot air. Whirlybirds are a very well-known and popular ventilation solution, but they are no match for the performance of newer products. Depending on the wind to power your system means that on a hot and still summer day the unit won’t do much to keep you cool. Furthermore, whirlybirds have a very limited capacity to move air around. The average whirlybird unit can move around 100-150 m³/h in 12 km/h winds. This is practically useless when you consider that even a small house will need a system that moves a minimum of 1200 m³/h.

Why Solar Whiz?

Solar Whiz is a perfect blend of natural and mechanical ventilation. Our units use solar energy to run and are far more powerful than whirlybirds. The smallest unit we offer is capable of moving 1700 m³/h and our largest domestics unit can move up to 2300 m³/h. Compare that to the 100-150 m³/h that a whirlybird moves. We offer three different unit sizes of roof ventilators to make sure that we can meet your individual ventilation needs.

Solar power is one of the most efficient ways to power a ventilation system. They are free to operate and have zero emissions. That means you are saving money on energy by operating a system without energy requirements as well as improving the efficiency of your air conditioners. A more efficient system uses less energy to run. Our roof vent units stop heat from building up in the first place because they start working as soon as the sun comes up. That means that our systems work when you need them most, providing you with the best ventilation solution possible.

Get in contact with us to find out how Solar Whiz can help you with your ventilation needs. We will suit our recommendations to your specific needs to help you get the best out of an installation. Send us an enquiry or give us a call today!

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