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A Solar Whiz Can Help You Control Mould & Asthma In Your Home

Mould on ceiling

Poor ventilation in your home encourages moisture to gather and settle which allows fungal and spore colonies to grow. This can mean structural damage to your home if left unchecked. Asthma sufferers are especially affected by poor indoor air quality from a lack of effective ventilation. Our solar fans for homes are a powerful solution for protecting your home from the growth of these hazards.

Looking for an alternative to conventional ventilation such as whirlybirds? Consider one of our Solar Whiz units!


Effective Ventilation Protects You and Your Home

The extraction of moisture is necessary to avoid the growth of hazards such as mould, or fungi. To prevent unwanted growth in your home or subfloor, constant airflow & moisture extraction is necessary. Solar Whiz has installed units in many Australian homes to combat mould and moisture-relatetd issues. Our solar powered roof vent range caters to the unique airflow needs of our different customers. We pride ourselves on providing customised solutions that deal directly with the problem our client is facing. 

Depending on your climate, it may be necessary to keep dust in control to reduce dust mites in your living spaces. A solar ventilator is more than capable of circulating air throughout your home, which reduces dust mites and aids in managing asthma symptoms.


Mould Prevention with a Solar Ventilator

Mould and Condensation Prevention

Humidity control is essential in preventing the growth of mould, especially if there isn’t good ventilation. Solar roof ventilation is capable of keeping moisture levels lower which will result in the overall reduction of mould, or even killing early growth. This in conjunction with Solar Whiz sub floor ventilation ensures your home is safe from mould.

By installing ceiling vents in spaces like bathrooms, wardrobes, or kitchens, a Solar Whiz unit will aid in extracting moisture from the space. Consequently, mildew and mould issues will be hampered especially in tropical, humid climates.


What about Ventilation for Commercial Properties?

commercial extractor fans

While we provide powerful solar roof ventilation solutions for your home, we also have a commercial ventilation line! We’ve designed them to properly ventilate the extreme heat that large-scale properties can produce. On top of that, our commercial exhaust fans are excellent for extracting heat, humidity and fumes in commercial environments.

Our solar ventilation fans are available in two sizes:

  • SW-AU-C-110 solar ventilation fan which is capable of moving 7,000 m3/h (cubic metres of air),
  • SW-AU-C-155 solar ventilation fan which is capable of moving a whopping 10,000 m3/h

If you’re considering buying whirlybirds to help ventilate your business, consider a Solar Whiz instead! We guarantee that you’ll feel the difference during those hot summer days.

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