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4 Proven Ways Manufacturers Can Reduce Energy Costs

There are lots of steps that manufacturing businesses can take to reduce their energy costs. With increasing awareness about the impacts of energy use on the planet and rising energy costs in general, now is an important time to invest in money- and planet-saving...

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Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Warehouse or Factory

The inside air quality of your warehouse or factory is a crucial health and safety factor for businesses to consider. It is our belief at Solar Whiz that industrial exhaust fans such as ours are the perfect ventilation solution for commercial properties. It is...

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Industrial Roof Ventilation – Keep Your Warehouse Cool

Many people don’t realise how important it is to control the temperature in a warehouse. Maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor environment is crucial to the health, safety and productivity of employees, equipment and stored goods. That’s why we’ve written this...

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Cost Effective Big Ass Fans Alternative for Your Business

Big Ass Fans are a well-known option for commercial ventilation solutions. They are exactly what they say they are: really big ceiling fans.    How Does it Work? Essentially, Big Ass Fans work by moving large amounts of air, increasing circulation. This...

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Why Commercial Ventilation is Important

Commercial ventilation solutions are important for a wide range of reasons. These include: maintaining the comfort and productivity of workers, maintaining a healthy work environment and maintaining the quality of stored goods. Commercial extraction fans help to...

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How Do You Make an Old Home More Energy Efficient?

Old houses and buildings aren’t necessarily designed with energy efficiency in mind. Whilst older buildings tend to be constructed better and boast particular character, they were built with different intentions than they are now. That means that different factors...

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