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Solar Whiz Showroom Showcase

Solar Whiz has a showroom in Melbourne, Victoria that displays GES’ whole range of solar cooling, solar roof ventilation and solar heating options.

We’ve been working hard to set up displays covering the extensive range of solar ventilation solutions we offer, so we thought it would be a great idea to show you some photos!

We’ve got our full range – Solar Whiz, SAM and Solar Light Whiz – on display in the solar ventilation showroom, so feel free to come in and see it in action!

solar whiz roof ventilation

Installation of SAM Module and Solar Whiz (SW3000) on Showroom and Shed

Here’s a great photo of what our Solar Whiz solar ventilation fan SW3000 looks like in action on our shed behind the showroom. Here you can see the tilt-able panel on the Solar Whiz. After we installed the unit on the shed, the change was phenomenal. From barely being able to breathe on 30+ degree days to being nice and cool. The bigger panels you can see are 150W panels that we are using to provide the lighting for the showroom as well as our lighting display which can be seen below.

Solar Skylights

Solar Light Whiz

We’re extremely excited to show you our new Solar Skylights range, the Solar Light Whiz. As you can see, we offer many alternatives to traditional skylights. If you’d like more information on our solar lights, you can visit the Solar Skylights website.

Whirlybird ventilator

Showroom Window of Solar Whiz

This is a photo of our  Solar Whiz showroom window, which highlights the difference in sizes between our SW3000 and  SW900 – we even show you a whirlybird! We’ve got any size you need of solar roof vent to get some solar whirlybirds happening in your roof space, big or small.

Solar Heating Thermostat

Solar Air Module (SAM) Heating System in Showroom

 Here’s a picture of our newly installed 4 module SAM solar heating system providing a nice heat contribution and all the ventilation we need for our office. You can see the differential thermostat on the front of the unit, which ensures the SAM only runs when it is beneficial. You may also have noticed that we show the ducting above the boxed in section of the air supply delivering the fresh, warm and dry air in low to maximise the heat contribution in the office (as hot air rises).

Subfloor ventilation fans

Subfloor Fans Installed

This is one of our 2 fan displays which demonstrates our sub floor ventilation fans in action. You’ll be able to come into the showroom and see how much air they move; as with all our fans – they can be thermostatically controlled too.

Solar Whiz and Subfloor fans

Solar Whiz, Subfloor Vents

We constructed this display to show our visitors exactly how the Solar Whiz solar powered fan looks and functions when installed. In the image above you can clearly see the SW1400 on the left and a SW3000 on the right (with a larger panel on it).  If you’d like pricing on this, be sure to send us a message on our Live Chat!

If you’d like more information or would like to visit the showroom and see our range of solar products in action, you can visit us at:

1135 Toorak Road, Camberwell 3124 or call us on 1300 655 118