Why do I need Sub Floor Ventilation?

Sub floor ventilation is essential for the health and longevity of any building with a sub floor area. If your sub floor is damp, musty, mouldy or smelly or you have fungi growing – you need under floor ventilation!

Constant high moisture levels may cause irreversible damage to the structure of your house. Additionally, high humidity and poor indoor air quality can severely impact the health of occupants. This can be prevented by installing sub floor fans to achieve effective sub floor ventilation!

Using Solar Whiz sub-floor fans for underfloor ventilation can prevent/resolve the following issues:

  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Condensation
  • Damp Sub Floors
  • Rotting Floor Boards and/or Stumps
  • Damage to Internal Walls & Paintwork
  • Crumbling Brickwork
  • Breeding Ground for Termites, White Ants & Borers

More information & prices can be found in the Sub-Floor Ventilation Brochure and the Sub-floor Ventilation Price List.

How to Prevent Damp Sub-floors with Sub Floor Ventilation

The most efficient way to ventilate the sub floor area is to replace the moist air with fresh, dry air. The Solar Whiz sub floor ventilation fans ensure an efficient, cost effective and sustainable under floor ventilation solution without any running costs.

The main benefit of using solar powered fans for under floor ventilation is that the fan only runs when the sun is out. This means that the majority of the replacement air coming into the sub-floor will have a relatively low moisture content. This makes solar sub floor ventilation far more effective than timer operated extractor fans which may increase humidity under the floor by introducing air with high moisture content during wet weather.

Sub Floor Ventilation – The Best Place To Start

Subfloor ventilation with extraction fans is usually the best place to start addressing your sub floor issues. However, it may not always be the complete answer to your damp floor problems. If you don’t have an under floor, alternative methods may be required to improve the indoor air quality. Interested in an alternative to under floor ventilation for condensation & humidity issues in your home?

Global Eco & Environmental Solutions offers a variety of solar powered sub floor and under floor ventilation options. The Solar Air Module (SAM) can be incorporated with sub floor ventilation to introduce fresh, warm, dry air into the sub floor area. When less space is available in the sub floor area GES offers a series of sub-floor ventilation fans and inline fans that can effectively achieve under floor ventilation as well.

You may be surprised that the Solar Whiz solar powered sub floor fans are generally more powerful and offer higher air displacement capacity than mains powered extractor fans. However, if your solar access is limited, it is possible to power the Solar Whiz extraction fans using a 12 volt power pack plugged into a 240 volt power point for under floor ventilation all day long.

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To learn more about sub floor ventilation installations watch our YouTube videos:

Sub floor Ventilation Installation Video Part 1

Sub floor Ventilation Installation Video Part 2

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