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Commercial ventilation solutions are important for a wide range of reasons. These include: maintaining the comfort and productivity of workers, maintaining a healthy work environment and maintaining the quality of stored goods. Commercial extraction fans help to remove heat and/or fumes that build up inside industrial spaces and help to circulate fresh air around the building.


Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature

Good ventilation is the key to reducing indoor temperatures effectively during summer. Commercial businesses often struggle with overheated spaces because of high ceilings, low insulation and electronic and manufacturing equipment. Our commercial roof exhaust fans extract heat that builds up inside and replace it with fresh, ambient air from outside. 

Maintaining an inside temperature of 24 degrees celsius or below is important to avoid worker discomfort. The WHO recommends this temperature to limit dehydration, heat exhaustion and other heat-related illness. When your employees are comfortable they are able to work better, increasing productivity.


Maintaining healthy indoor air quality

A lack of air movement and circulation can result in stagnation and toxic fume build-up. Air quality has been identified as a crucial aspect of employee health and efficiency. Indoor pollution can come from photocopiers, vacuum cleaners, pollen, dust mites, mould, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxideVentilating commercial spaces helps to remove these pollutants. Frequent circulation and fresh air ensure the health and safety of workers.

Many of our clients use Solar Whiz commercial extraction fans to directly remove toxic fumes from workspaces and machinery. Some examples include welding and plasma cutters.


Close up of a commercial unitMaintaining the quality of stored goods

Poor ventilation and indoor pollution clearly has important consequences for workers in an industrial business. However, indoor air quality can have serious impacts on the machinery and stored goods. Without proper air movement, moisture and condensation can result in condensation and the development of mould and/or rust. Effective commercial ventilation solutions are designed to extract moist air as well as heat from your building. This is particularly important in self-storage facilities where customers expect their belongings to maintain their quality. It is also important in food or other perishable goods storage.

Solar Whiz offers commercial roof exhaust fans that have a capacity of up to 10,000m3 of air. They are extremely powerful ventilation solutions that are ideal for industrial installations. They are much more effective than traditional commercial-grade whirlybirds and can be completely solar-powered. It is vital to have good air movement at all times of the year, but especially in summer when high temperatures threaten the health, safety and productivity of workers as well as goods and machinery.


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