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Solar Whiz Commercial Ventilation

Solar Whiz Commercial is setting the benchmark for heat & fume extraction.
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Solar Whiz

Solar Whiz Commercial

“The Solar Whiz system has kept the overall fumes down in our workplace […] We often have up to 4 welders in the workshop on a normal day, and our existing three-phase fan wasn’t extracting enough of the fumes in the workshop.

3 Solar Whiz fans keep the fumes out of our workshop on your standard workday. The team at Solar Whiz set the system up in a day, and did a great job without getting in the way of the team.”

Filip Pantano

Owner/Director, MasterForm Solutions Pty. Ltd.

3× SW-RAF10000 units

What Is Solar Whiz Commercial?

The Solar Whiz commercial system offers industry-leading air extraction and industrial ventilation. Our system extracts hot, stale air from inside your warehouse or industrial space, and replaces it with cooler, drier ambient air from outside. The result is lower indoor temperatures and a far more comfortable working environment.

Solar Whiz Commercial offers two distinct units:

  • the SW-RAF7000, capable of extracting up to 7,000m³/h of air,
  • the SW-RAF10000, capable of extracting up to 10,000m³/h of air.

If you’re serious about keeping your business cool, Solar Whiz can help you achieve your cooling needs.

When heat gathers in your commercial or industrial property, it quickly becomes uncomfortable.

Commercial and industrial buildings are particularly affected by the intense Australian summer heat and sun. Warehouses, workshops and factories are just some examples. Poor air quality and ventilation as well as uncomfortably hot temperatures create an unhealthy work environment that could be a serious risk to workers.

A Solar Whiz industrial ventilator system is a vastly more effective method of achieving proper heat extraction and ventilation. Traditional commercial-grade whirlybirds are only capable of moving around 100 m³/h (cubic metres of air per hour).

A small amount of mathematics demonstrates that a ridiculous amount of whirlybird units is required in order to achieve a satisfactory level of airflow. In terms of industrial ventilation, a whirlybird isn’t an effective solution.

Solar Whiz Commercial Ventilation — How does it work?

Benefits of an Industrial Ventilator System

Fume Extraction

  • Expels fume or exhaust build-up, useful for fabrication or automotive industries,

Fume extraction is essential. Without it, airborne contaminants will build up inside a workspace or rise overhead. Left untreated, the particulate count can rise to unsafe levels and jeopardise the health of workers. There is plenty of documentation on exposure standards to make sure workers and employers understand the risks.


Heat Extraction

  • Actively flushes out hot air in industrial spaces with cooler replacement outdoor air,

Moisture Extraction

  • Moisture or condensation build-up is actively cycled with replacement air, minimising potential
This diagram illustrates how Solar Whiz Commercial extracts heat and keeps your business cool.
A Solar Whiz Commercial extracts the hot air, and replaces it with cooler ambient air from the outside.

Some Of Our Commercial Case Studies

Interested in seeing what a Solar Whiz Commercial system can do for you? Check out some of our installation case studies, where you can discover how Solar Whiz has helped businesses across Australia achieve their ventilation needs.

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“Thanks for getting the lights to us super fast. In regards to the actual system and the output of the LED panels—THEY ABSOLUTELY ROCK. They have exceeded my expectations, especially in low light.

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James Gregory

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