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Just like residential roof ventilation in winter, it is important not to overlook the role of warehouse ventilation during the colder months. Warehouse ventilation is crucial to keeping employees and the work environment safe and comfortable. Winter brings unique challenges and conditions that are just as important to address as the issues faced in summer.


Address Moisture and Condensation in Warehouses with Ventilation Fans

Warehouse activities generate heat. During winter, this heat increases indoor humidity and becomes condensation. Metal structures common in warehouses are prone to collecting moisture and condensation. If you can see water droplets building up on metal surfaces that is a good sign that your building has a ventilation problem. 

Condensation on metal surfaces can be a slip hazard for employees and customers. Corrosion and rust can also damage electrical systems and machinery. Don’t risk the safety of your workers by allowing moisture to remain in your warehouse. 

Warehouse ventilation fans are one of the best ways to reduce dampness in a warehouse. Moisture can result in multiple problems for businesses, including slip hazards, corrosion and rust, as well as damage to stored goods and machinery. Get in contact with Solar Whiz if your warehouse is struggling with moisture this winter. We offer powerful ventilation systems that are modular and easily customised to your specific needs. 


Remove Air Pollution Using Warehouse Ventilation Systems

Air quality is an important factor to consider for warehouses. There are many reasons that the indoor environment of a warehouse might become polluted. Mould from moist conditions and industrial fumes are some examples. We have a few case studies that you can read about here.

Mould and mildew lower indoor air quality which can damage worker health as well as stored goods and machinery. Without proper ventilation to remove excess moisture, mould can quickly become a problem. This is especially important during winter when windows and doors are kept closed to keep the heat inside.


Solar Whiz installed warehouse ventilation fans for Modular Cranes to remove fumes that were building up inside. Read more about it here.

Solar Whiz is also great for warehouses that might have issues with toxic fumes from powered machinery. For example, welding fumes can be dangerous for people to inhale and are very important to minimise in a workspace. We have talked before about the consequences of indoor air pollution resulting from poor ventilation. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is one of the most serious threats to worker health and safety, leading to severe injury and even death if not addressed. Solar Whiz is an excellent solution for removing built-up fumes in warehouses.

Warehouse ventilation systems are designed to extract inside air and replace it with fresher air from outside. These systems flush out air that might be polluted with mould spores, carbon dioxide and industrial fumes. As a result, the indoor environment stays fresher and drier.

Clearly, Solar Whiz ventilation systems are ideal for warehouses and industrial buildings during winter. Contact us today to find out more about our systems and how we can help you address issues in your business.