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The indoor air quality of your warehouse or factory is a crucial health and safety factor for businesses to consider. It is our belief at Solar Whiz that industrial exhaust fans such as ours are the perfect ventilation solution for commercial properties.

It is well-known that an uncomfortable work environment decreases overall productivity levels in a business. Without proper ventilation, warehouses and factories easily get overheated, humid and full of harmful fumes. This also has negative impacts on machinery and stored goods. Our extraction fans deliver the best results in applications aiming to remove fumes, heat, and moisture from work or storage spaces. 


Healthy indoor air quality with industrial exhaust fans

Warehouses, factories and other commercial properties often struggle to maintain good indoor air quality. This is due to structural challenges such as high ceilings, poor ventilation, and high activity levels

Inside air pollution is generated by:


What are the consequences of indoor air pollution?

Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Poor air quality damages the productivity of workers and poses risks for machinery and goods. However, it is very important to consider the health and safety of employees. If ignored, toxic gases can increase to unsafe levels and result in serious health consequences.

Carbon monoxide poisoning poses a serious threat to people inside spaces with high concentrations of CO. CO poisoning can result in unconsciousness and even death. This toxic gas is tasteless and colourless so it can be hard to know when someone is suffering from poisoning. That’s why it is so important to be aware of and recognise the relevant symptoms.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms can include:

  • A dull headache,
  • Feeling weak, dizzy and/or confused,
  • Nausea and/or vomiting,
  • Problems breathing or catching your breath.


Ensure a Healthy Indoor Environment with industrial exhaust fans

industrial exhaust fansSolar Whiz provides powerful solar-powered exhaust fans for warehouses and factories. Our industrial exhaust fans are highly effective ventilation systems that move up to 10,000m³/h of air. This is compared to about 100 m³/h for traditional whirlybirds. These extraction fans actively remove hot, moist and toxic air from inside your building and replace it with fresher, cooler and drier air from outside.

In addition to Solar Whiz’s market-leading performance, our industrial exhaust fans can operate without any running costs. You can choose to power your unit using only solar energy to remove the need for extra energy use. By installing our industrial exhaust you are not only helping maintain healthy indoor air quality but also cutting your energy costs and emissions!

Industrial exhaust fans are a key part of maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. If you are looking for a powerful ventilation solution with zero emissions and running costs Solar Whiz has the product you need.