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Old houses and buildings aren’t necessarily designed with energy efficiency in mind. Whilst older buildings tend to be constructed better and boast particular character, they were built with different intentions than they are now. That means that different factors need to be considered. when attempting to improve energy efficiency. Even though there can be additional challenges in renovating older homes, any house can be optimised for energy usage.


What Are the Challenges That Old Homes Present?SW-AU-R-25

Heritage homes often have dismal insulation in ceilings and roof spaces. They also frequently have drafty doors and floorboards. The most common places to have air leaks include doorways, windows and floors. Fixing these air leaks and with seals and insulation can help retain heat in winter and keep you cooler during summer, thereby cutting heating/cooling costs. It is also helpful for roof ventilation systems because replacement air sources can be positioned to maximise airflow through the house. These improvements and installing Solar Whiz can virtually eliminate the need for using an air conditioner during summer.


Switching to LED lighting can also be a good way of reducing your emissions and cutting energy costs. We also offer a sustainable light option that is powered by solar! Check out Solar Light Whiz here.


However, if you’re going to improve the insulation of your home, be mindful that too much can actually do you harm by restricting ventilation. When a house or building has low ventilation the humidity levels inside increase and can cause condensation and/or mould issues. Additionally, without air circulation contaminants from occupants and appliances stay inside and reduce air quality. This is why ventilation systems for old homes are so important.


What Does Solar Whiz Have to Offer?SW-AU-R-40

Mechanical ventilation is the most powerful option for property ventilation. Solar Whiz does one better by offering what we believe are the best solar roof vents on the market. Our units are solar-powered exhaust fans that match traditional mechanical fans but without any of the associated energy costs. Solar Whiz can run with zero operating costs and zero emissions. To get the most out of roof ventilation systems, you should ensure that:

  • Leaky doors, windows and floors are properly sealed.
  • Replacement air is available for your unit. This is often provided by eave vents but can be supplied by open windows or doors via ceiling vents (or another opening into the roof space)

When air cannot escape from leaks it can be extracted more easily from the house. This is because the extraction fan can more efficiently pull air from the places in your roof or house that needs ventilating. Replacement air is necessary to ‘replace’ the hot and/or contaminated air that the fan removes.

If you’re looking for energy efficient, sustainable roof ventilation systems for old homes , Solar Whiz offers some of the best solar roof vents you can find. Get in contact today to find out more about how we can help you beat the heat and reduce your carbon footprint!

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