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Why Roof Ventilation Using Solar Powered Fans are Crucial?solar powered fan

It’s not uncommon for roof spaces to reach incredibly high temperatures during summer. Roof spaces can easily climb to 60-70 degrees Celsius on a warm, sunny day in Australia. This makes the house uncomfortable to live in. Additionally, it can have serious consequences for the health and integrity of your home by warping ceiling structures and inhibiting how your air conditioning system works.

There are many aspects to consider in regards to the movement of air through the house during summer. With the hot sun heating roofs from the outside and inside heat rising, roof spaces easily become extremely hot. Heat build-up is then pushed downwards into the living spaces of the house. As a result, inside temperatures increase and the building itself retains more heat, making it harder and more expensive to cool down.


How Roof Ventilation Keeps Your House Cool

Roof ventilation is the process of removing this excess heat from the roof space or living space. Extracting the hot and moist air that accumulates inside during the day helps to decrease your energy bill and usage, maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature and protect roof spaces from condensation and mould growth

Ventilation works by extracting hot air from inside and replacing it with cooler air. This is why, in addition to the exhaust fan, you need to include vents or other openings to allow the intake and movement of air. Without immense heat and moisture accumulating in your roof space or home, the pressure on your ceiling is greatly reduced. That means that the strain on your air conditioner is significantly eased. Cooling your house far more easily. With an air conditioner that works better, you will find that you won’t need to run it as frequently or on such high settings, which subsequently cuts your energy costs. It’s a massive win for your pocket and for the planet!

Roof ventilation is not an air conditioner. However, it does help to significantly drop inside temperatures and can even negate the need to operate an air conditioning system.


The Benefits of Solar Powered Fanssolar powered fan

Solar powered fans are proven to be incredibly effective ventilation solutions. Extracts heat and moisture effectively than a whirlybird and without any carbon emissions or energy costs.

Solar powered fans are far more powerful than passive forms of ventilation like conventional whirlybirds because they don’t depend on wind and heat convection to operate. The sun is a much more dependable source of energy for your fans as it is more likely that you’ll need more ventilation when the sun is shining!

Installing a thermostat with our units lets you control when you would like the fan to begin operating. Solar Whiz roof ventilation systems are modular and customisable to give you the best outcomes that you need. Give us a call to talk about how we can best help you achieve your ventilation needs!

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