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Solar Whiz is a powerful solar whirlybird that is an excellent solution for industrial roof ventilation. Traditional whirlybirds are wind-powered cylindrical domes that are installed on a roof. They are the cheapest, most well-known type of exhaust fan for industrial roofs. Whirlybirds are popular because they are marketed as ‘set and forget’ ventilation solutions though this isn’t really the case because they often require cleaning and lubrication in order to maintain spinning functionality.

There are numerous flaws in using conventional whirlybirds as roof exhaust fans for industrial or commercial establishments. The most significant downfall is that they rely almost entirely on airflow to function. Principally, whirlybirds work when wind pushes the turbines on the whirlybird and a vacuum is created that extracts inside air from the roof space.

This leads to two major faults:

  • Whirlybirds are only effective on hot and windy days. Scorching hot and still days are a characteristic of Australian summers and it’s these days that especially require good industrial roof ventilation. Unfortunately, because whirlybirds are wind-driven they won’t provide buildings with much-needed air movement in these circumstances.
  • Whirlybirds will continue to operate on cold and windy days. When the only on/off switch is the wind there is no way to stop whirlybirds from extracting heat from your building on cold days when you’d rather keep the warmth inside. 

Solar Whiz saw these flaws in using whirlybirds as industrial roof exhaust fans and decided to do something about it.

  • Our solar whirlybirds are not wind-dependent. Solar Whiz can be operated completely on solar power, ventilating your roof space from the moment there is sun on the PV panel. That means that on a still, hot day our solar whirlybirds will be moving air through your building and removing hot air from the break of dawn. Because our units are solar-powered they also have zero running costs but are exceedingly more powerful than traditional whirlybirds.
  • Solar Whiz comes with an off-switch and/or a thermostat. That means you can decide when you want your industrial roof exhaust fan to operate and when you want to keep the heat inside. For example, setting the thermostat to 25 degrees would turn the unit one only once the temperature in the roof space had reached 25 degrees.

Any commercial business must have efficient and effective industrial roof ventilation. Traditional whirlybirds are a common solution that many businesses turn to, but they will always fall short in performance when compared to solar whirlybirds like Solar Whiz. Roof exhaust fans for industrial establishments help to remove heat, moisture, and fumes to maintain a healthy and safe work environment, ultimately increasing productivity in the workplace. Don’t cut corners with ventilation, invest in a powerful and sustainable alternative like Solar Whiz!