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Solar Whiz for Effective Roof Ventilation

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The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar roof ventilation system & heat extractor fan that operates completely without electricity. Roof ventilation is ideal for fresh air & home cooling in summer and great for reducing moisture levels and condensation in the roof space in winter. Solar Whiz roof fans have the ability to adapt to different climates and various applications. Its ease of installation and flexible design that suits Australian roofs have all underpinned the success for our solar roof vents.

Solar Whiz roof vents provide simple and effective roof ventilation, with many more benefits for you and your home. Roof vents can additionally reduce condensation, moisture, dust mites and provide asthma management for your family.

How Ventilation Can Cool Your Home

Eliminating the heat build up in your roof space with a roof ventilator reduces the heat load on your ceiling and stops heat from penetrating into your living space. This results in lower internal temperatures and could save you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs by improving the efficiency of your existing air conditioning systems.


What can the Solar Whiz extractor fan be used for?

Which roof ventilator model is right for me?


The Solar Whiz currently has three different sized roof ventilators for our roof ventilation systems:

  • SW-RAF-R-1200 – Moves 1200 m3/h (Cubic Metres of Air Per Hour)
  • SW-RAF-R-1700 – Moves 1700 m3/h (Cubic Metres of Air Per Hour)
  • SW-RAF-R-2300 – Moves 2300 m3/h (Cubic Metres of Air Per Hour)

Your average whirlybird moves approximately 100 m3/h, so as you can see, Solar Whiz roof ventilator moves x7 times to x23 times more air flow capacity.

Roof Ventilation Provides Reduced Need for Home Cooling

Roof temperatures throughout most of Australia often reach between 60-70 degrees (C) in the summer months. These high temperatures will – even with good insulation – radiate heat down through the ceiling and increase the internal temperature – resulting in a need for home cooling units, unless adequate roof ventilation is ensured with solar roof vents.roof vent for roof ventilation

The Solar Whiz extractor fan provides natural ventilation and roof cooling by replacing the hot air with cooler air pulled in through roof vents, under the eaves or other openings to the roof space. This normally enables you to maintain roof temperatures relatively close to the ambient temperature – and as a “flow on” effect reduces the need for alternative home roof ventilation.

Solar Whiz roof ventilation is affordable, whisper quiet and would benefit any home or indoor work environment.

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