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It’s easy to find forums on the internet that talk about the advantages that extractor fans have over other types of fans. When you need a good ventilation solution in a commercial setting it can be hard to know what option is best for you or your business. We’ve written a helpful comparison of the well-known ‘Big Ass Fans‘ and our own solar-powered fans to help you get an idea about the pros and cons of each product.


Big Ass Fans and Solar-Powered Fans do different things

Campbell's Wholesale Grocery Complex -Nerang - QLD Because these two products have different goals when it comes to ventilation it can be difficult to compare the two. The question you may need to ask is what do you want out of your ventilation system?


What do ceiling fans like Big Ass Fans do?

Ceiling fans generate wind movement with powered blades. The constant movement of air creates an artificial indoor breeze. This helps us feel cooler and distribute air throughout the room. The wind that hits people’s skin has a cooling effect on the person and the cool air already inside is more evenly spread throughout the building.

Ceiling fans do not generate cool air. They simply circulate the existing indoor air. While the inside temperature does not change, the constant movement of air can have a cooling effect on the people inside.


What do Solar Whiz exhaust fans do?

Our specialised solar powered exhaust fans actively extract air from inside a building. They work by dragging the hot and/or polluted air inside and replacing it with cooler, fresher air from outside. As a result, your building is constantly changing the inside air which maintains high air quality and lowers heat-build up.


Air Movement vs Air Extraction

Storage facilities ventilationBecause of the way ceiling fans move air around, they can sometimes heat rooms instead of cool them. This is because the rotation of the fan blades pushes the rising hot air back down into the living or working space. This can of course be used to your advantage in colder months but can be a problem during summer.

Ceiling fans increase the amount of air movement within a space, room or building. Air movement is important to reduce stagnant air and heat patches.

On the other hand, air extraction focuses on completely removing the air that is inside and replacing it with outside air. Outside air is fresher, cooler and drier, which is often preferred over the existing indoor air.

Solar Whiz is not really a Big Ass Fans alternative, it is a completely different method of ventilating a space. Essentially, Big Ass Fans cools the people inside and Solar Whiz cools the air inside.


Why Exhaust Fans are Important

Ventilation above a welding stationParticularly in commercial spaces, extractor fans can play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy work environment. We have discussed the importance of good air quality in an industrial space previously on our blog. Frequent air changes and low air-pollutant concentration contributes to happier and more comfortable workers that are ultimately more productive. It also improves the functionality and longevity of stock and equipment.
Solar powered fans like ours are powerful extractor fans that are perfect for removing toxic and polluted air. Our commercial line of Solar Whiz units are designed exactly for this purpose and are therefore the best ventilation solution for warehouses and industrial businesses.

As we have outlined here, Big Ass Fans aim to achieve different results compared to commercial exhaust fans. If you are after extractor fans as a Big Ass Fans alternative then Solar Whiz is for you. However, if you require increased air movement then Big Ass Fans are the best option for you on the market.