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Solar Vent

Solar Vent

Mini Whiz Solar Vent The Mini Whiz solar roof ventilation products are designed for preventing condensation, mould, mildew, musty smells and dampness in smaller areas, such as shed ventilation. The Mini Whiz solar vent is entirely powered by the sun and operate...

Solar Whiz

Solar Whiz Showroom Showcase Solar Whiz has a showroom in Melbourne, Victoria that displays GES’ whole range of solar cooling, solar roof ventilation and solar heating options. We’ve been working hard to set up displays covering the extensive...
Solar Vent

Solar Ventilation Fan

A Solar Whiz Can Help You Control Mould & Asthma In Your Home Inadequate ventilation in your home will allow for moisture to gather and settle, allowing the growth of fungal/spore colonies. Worse still, this can mean structural damage to your home if left...