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The importance of proper ventilation cannot be overstated, especially in indoor activity centres. These high-traffic areas generate heat, moisture, and pollutants that can make the air inside stuffy and unpleasant to breathe. In addition, poor indoor air quality can lead to health problems, reduce productivity for workers, and impact customer satisfaction. In this article, we will explore the benefits of installing a commercial ventilation system for indoor activity centres and discuss some of the key considerations when selecting a ventilation solution. We will also take a closer look at the Solar Whiz, a highly effective and energy-efficient ventilation system that can keep your indoor activity centre comfortable and healthy for all.

Play Centres

Solar Whiz has installed commercial ventilation systems in children’s play centres like SuperZu in Melbourne, achieving great results. The owner and employees have reported a vastly more comfortable work and play environment. Without proper ventilation, the converted warehouse space was becoming hot and stuffy due to accumulating heat from the high levels of activity inside as well as the hot summer weather.

Read more about how our commercial ventilation system has helped SuperZu here!

Sports Centres – Gymnastics and Trampolining

Commercial Installation at Active Gymnastics

Commercial exhaust fan installed at Active Gymnastics in Perth, WA

Gymnastics centres such as WA Active Gymnastics have installed Solar Whiz to deal with heat-related issues. During summer, heat can easily build up inside and prevent athletes from training at their best. Solar Whiz installed units in their Jandakot and O’Connor facilities with great results.

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Trampolining centres like Bounce would also benefit greatly from installing commercial ventilation units like Solar Whiz. It can be incredibly difficult to effectively air condition spaces like indoor trampoline centres because they are usually very large open spaces. That means that it is a great challenge to distribute cool air across the centre evenly. Commercial ventilation system like Solar Whiz helps with this by extracting the hot air that builds up inside and flushing it out with cooler outside air. This process means that it isn’t as hot inside in the first place, making it much cheaper to cool the building if need be. The Solar Whiz units can also be positioned to optimise airflow and help distribute the cool air generated by air conditioners around the open space more evenly.

Sports Centres – Gyms

Solar Whiz has a lot of experience installing in gyms across the country. It is important that these businesses have proper commercial ventilation systems to ensure the health and safety of gym-goers. While most gyms come to Solar Whiz to help them address heat issues, commercial ventilation also has the added benefit of reducing the risk of spreading airborne diseases. This is particularly important in a post-covid world where there is a lot of attention on ways to reduce the risk of transmission.

Indoor Rock-Climbing

Rock climbing centre interior

The inside of Rockface climbing centre before Solar Whiz was installed

Indoor rock climbing centres are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. Just like other types of indoor activity centres these spaces often struggle with heat-related issues because they usually have high ceilings, poor insulation, poor (if any) existing ventilation and high levels of activity.

Solar Whiz has been installed in Rockface climbing gym, WA to help them combat excessive heat and stale air. This large open-plan warehouse space is located in north-west Perth where summers can get very hot. Read more about how our units were able to provide some relief to the centre here!


The Bottomline

Proper ventilation is essential for creating a healthy and comfortable environment in indoor activity centres. The Solar Whiz commercial ventilation system is an effective and energy-efficient solution that can help you maintain optimal indoor air quality and temperature. With its ability to reduce moisture, heat, and pollutants, the Solar Whiz is an excellent investment that can benefit your business, customers, and employees in numerous ways.