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Extractor fans like Solar Whiz are vital for keeping your workplace cool and healthy. Our extraction fans are used across Australia in all kinds of businesses, which means we have experience catering to many challenges and circumstances. 


Extracting Hot Air From Roof Spaces With Extractor Fans

Workplaces get uncomfortably warm when hot air gets trapped in the building’s roof space. Hot air rises and accumulates in the roof space, radiating downwards into the workspace. This is why Solar Whiz extractor fans are essential for any working environment

Our extraction fans work to extract the hot air from the roof space and replace it with outside air. This replacement air is fresher, cleaner, and cooler than the existing inside air. We have found that removing the heat from inside the building and roof space dramatically improves the comfort of the indoor environment. Our extraction fans are also removing the pollution being generated by machinery and people as well as the hot air. That means that Solar Whiz helps to keep your workplace both cooler and cleaner.

Your workplace will quickly feel much cooler and fresher without using an air conditioner because our extractor fans remove the existing heat and pollution from the inside. However, if you do need to use the air conditioners, it will work far more efficiently. Solar Whiz helps to reduce your reliance on these air conditioners as well as cutting the cost of using them when you need them.


How Many Extractor Fans Do I Need?

The number of extraction fans that you need depends greatly on the size, shape, and purpose of your building. At Solar Whiz we always give personalised recommendations because we know that this is the best way to provide customers with the best value for money. Workplaces with higher activity and machinery will need more extractor fans than quieter businesses. A large warehouse will need to move more air than a smaller office. We provide free, no-obligation quotes, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know how much ventilation you need!

Our commercial extractor fans move up to 10,000 cubic metres of air per hour. That’s about 100 times more effective than a traditional domestic whirlybird! To figure out roughly how many extractor fans you may need, we will initially consider the volume of the facility. We then multiply this number by the recommended number of air changes required for that type of business.

Solar Whiz has installed commercial extractor fans for an incredible variety of workplaces. This includes welding factories, storage warehouses, offices, and indoor play centres. We have been providing powerful and smarter ventilation solutions since 2010 and take great pride in helping our customers cut energy costs using renewable power. You are in good hands with us!


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Controlling the Solar Whiz Extractor Fan

extractor fans on an industrial buildingSolar Whiz is a highly customisable system. We have designed it this way because we know that different businesses have very different needs. Our extractor fans can be installed without any additions or accessories. This would mean that the unit runs completely on solar power, operating from the moment sunlight hits the solar panel and stopping as soon as the sun sets. This is a great ‘set and forget’ method of installation.

In other circumstances, the extractor fans may need to operate 24/7. We can easily do this with the addition of a night operations kit, which acts as a mains power backup. During the day the extraction fan uses solar power to run but switches over to mains power when the sun goes down. This can also be used during the day to ‘top up’ the Solar Whiz extractor fan if it is not running at full power like during an overcast condition. The beauty of this method is that the extractor fan will only ever draw the energy it needs to ‘top up’ the unit and operate at full capacity.

It is possible to run Solar Whiz solely on mains power if the extractor fans need to run at full capacity at all times during the day (and/or overnight). Check out our commercial cost of operations sheet for the details.

(Spoiler alert: it’s still extremely cheap and energy-efficient to do this).


Suiting the Installation to Your Needs

It may be necessary to only operate the extractor fan when temperatures reach a certain level. This is easy to do with our thermostat. A temperature can be set at which the Solar Whiz unit starts and stops operating. For example, if you only want to ventilate a space when it gets hotter than 20°C. In this case, the extractor fan would only kick in when the temperature reads above 20°C and then stop again when it falls below that.

Solar Whiz has found that the most popular method is to provide a night operations kit AND thermostat control. This gives business owners complete control over when the extractor fan operates. It means that the extraction fans can be easily turned on and off manually, OR they can be left as a ‘set and forget’ system. 


Cost-Effective Cooling

Solar Whiz Commercial extractor fan is clearly a highly efficient and cost-effective cooling and ventilation solution. You can dramatically cut your energy use and costs with Solar Whiz extractor fans. You also increase the efficiency of any existing cooling systems. Our extraction fas help you keep your workplace cool, comfortable, and healthy year-round without costing a fortune!

Get in contact today to find out how we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Solar Whiz extractor fans improve workplace comfort?

Solar Whiz extractor fans enhance workplace comfort by efficiently extracting hot air from roof spaces, and replacing it with fresher, cleaner, and cooler outside air, creating a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment without relying heavily on air conditioners.

How can Solar Whiz be tailored to operate based on temperature?

Solar Whiz provides temperature-based control through a thermostat. Users can set a specific temperature threshold, allowing the extractor fan to automatically start and stop based on environmental conditions, providing both manual and ‘set and forget’ operational flexibility.

How do Solar Whiz extractor fans benefit energy efficiency?

Solar Whiz reduces energy consumption by minimising reliance on air conditioners. By efficiently removing existing heat and pollution, it not only enhances comfort but also increases the effectiveness of air conditioning when required, contributing to overall energy efficiency.

How does Solar Whiz provide control over extractor fan operation?

Solar Whiz offers complete control with options like a night operations kit and thermostat. Business owners can manually operate fans or opt for a ‘set and forget’ system, ensuring flexibility in managing workplace ventilation.

How does Solar Whiz contribute to sustainability?

Solar Whiz operates on renewable solar power, reducing the environmental impact of workplace cooling. By decreasing reliance on traditional energy sources, it aligns with sustainability goals and promotes greener practices.

Updated on: November 24, 2023.