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1) Fume Extraction

Solar Roof Ventilation for Sheds

An industrial exhaust fan installed at a steel fabrication facility in Melbourne, Victoria

Solar Whiz has a lot of experience installing industrial exhaust fans in facilities needing fume extraction. Fabrication facilities are particularly common as they use welding machines that generate harmful pollutants.

Check out our case studies to read more about the businesses we’ve serviced!


2) Automotive Garages

Car and automotive workshops also typically work with a lot of machinery that generates heat and occasionally harmful fumes. Many automotive garages would benefit from installing industrial exhaust fans to help maintain a comfortable and healthy workspace.


3) Agricultural

Industrial ventilation is crucially important in agricultural settings. We have discussed the needs and requirements relating to livestock and poultry on our blog before. Check out the articles here:

Industrial exhaust fans are fundamental in maintaining a safe, productive and healthy environment when caring for animals.


4) Warehouses and Factories

Warehouses and factories are the most common type of installation that Solar Whiz does. Our industrial exhaust fan is ideal for generating airflow and promoting comfortable working and storage environments. Solar Whiz’s Commercial range offers some of the most powerful and effective industrial exhaust fans in Australia. Australian-designed and made, especially for the Australian climate. 


5) Gymnasiums and Sports Facilities

Commercial Installation at Active Gymnastics

An industrial exhaust fan installed at Active Gymnastics in Perth, WA

Gyms and sports facilities are other great examples of spaces that commonly install and greatly benefit from industrial exhaust fans. These spaces need to be carefully controlled for temperature and humidity. They also need to extract carbon dioxide and pollutants resulting from sweat.

Proper ventilation also plays an important role in reducing the transmission of infectious diseases like Coronavirus. This is important in a gym environment as there could potentially be a lot of people concentrated in a single indoor room.


6) Medical Facilities

It is critically important that medical facilities maintain good ventilation levels. Ventilation will reduce the risk of spreading diseases and improve indoor air quality. It also helps to keep a constant temperature and humidity level. This helps to ensure the health and safety of both patients and hospital staff. It also makes sure that lifesaving machinery operates as it should and as efficiently as it can. Our industrial exhaust fans are well-suited to solving the unique challenges presented by the conditions in medical facilities.

Improving indoor ventilation can also increase energy efficiency. Less money is being spent on maintaining indoor air temperature and quality so that more attention can be given to the actual machinery and devices used in the facility. 


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