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Solar Whiz commercial units have an incredibly broad range of applications. We have previously talked about livestock ventilation on this blog and now we’re shining a light on poultry shed ventilation. 


Why is Shed Ventilation Important for Poultry Sheds? 

Shed Ventilation is an important part of managing heat and air quality indoors that cannot be overlooked. It is especially important in agricultural settings because it plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of life for animals. Chickens produce heat, moisture, and fumes through metabolic processes like eating, breathing, and generating waste. This heat and moisture need to be removed in order to keep a healthy and comfortable environment. 

Winter can be particularly challenging to manage because keeping cold air out often means closing windows and doors that assist in ventilation. Condensation and moisture also builds-up more easily in cold weather which can be a serious problem for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Ventilation has a few major benefits including:

  • Managing the air quality to maximise a bird’s metabolism. That means making sure there’s enough oxygen and very little carbon dioxide and ammonia.
  • Minimising heat stress. Birds can be prone to heat-related illness and this can result in less egg production, food consumption, and even death. Reducing the threat of heat stress not only improves the bird’s quality of life but also boosts their productivity.
  • Saves energy. Ventilation improves the efficiency of other temperature-controlling systems because they don’t have to work as hard to achieve the same results. When systems are performing better for the same operational costs you are conserving energy, reducing emissions, and saving money!


What Ventilation Options Exist for Poultry Sheds?

There are lots of methods and products available for commercial poultry keeping. Powered fans and air conditioning systems dominate the market but can be very expensive and energy-consuming to operate almost 24 hours every day. Ridge-extraction, tunnel ventilation, longitudinal ventilation, and cross ventilation are some of the most common methods for ventilation. Each type of ventilation has different strengths and weaknesses with different ideal applications. Ridge extraction for example is usually used in smaller sheds and tunnel ventilation is usually used in larger sheds.

Poultry World suggests looking out for these signs that you have poor ventilation:

  • Changes in a flock’s food and water consumption.
  • Muggy and bad-smelling indoor environment.
  • Grouping of birds in particular areas that could indicate cold or hot patches.


Why Solar Whiz?

Solar Whiz has many benefits over more conventional temperature and air quality control measures. Listed below are a few examples. 

  • Solar Whiz is a solar powered shed ventilation fan and can be operated with zero running costs. That could save you hundreds if not thousands in operational costs every year! 
  • Solar Whiz has a mains power top-up system. Installing Solar Whiz with a relay switch allows the system to alternate between solar and mains power. That lets the commercial exhaust fans for shed operate at full capacity in overcast conditions to keep the ventilation rate constant. Our systems are unique in that they only draw enough energy to ‘top-up’ operations so you don’t use the energy you don’t need to.
  • Solar Whiz can operate at night. We are able to switch operations entirely to mains power using the same system that works to top up the power supplied to the unit. That allows you to run Solar Whiz overnight with minimal energy consumption, and for free during the day using solar power.
  • Solar Whiz complements other heat and air quality control systems. Solar Whiz can be used for both general and targeted ventilation, but it can also be used to improve existing or additional ventilation measures. Boosting the efficiency of other temperature and environmental-control systems helps you get better results for the same operational cost!

We are proud to deliver powerful, efficient, and environmentally-friendly ventilation solutions that can be especially useful in poultry shed applications. We strongly believe that our units deliver the necessary airflow and ventilation to keep flocks healthy and safe at all times of the year. 

What Now?

If a solar powered exhaust fan for shed sounds like something that might be helpful for you, we strongly encourage you to get in contact with us to discuss your needs. Our systems are modular and customisable to make sure that you get the most out of your system so we are eager to work with your unique specifications. 

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