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Solar Whiz Commercial — Moddex

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Moddex – Handrails & Balustrades


Boronia, Victoria (3155)

Client’s Needs

Moddex Melbourne is a modular handrail & balustrade maker. They wanted to add another fabricator but needed a reliable industrial ventilation system in order to prevent damaging fume build-up. The existing industrial whirlybirds did not provide enough ventilation to meet safety standards and had almost no circulation.

Our Solution

Moddex’s building is sealed, apart from 2 main roller doors. Welding takes place in the northwestern corner of the building, furthest from the roller doors. We installed 3× SW-AU-C-155 solar roof exhaust fans over the fabricator’s station, providing direct overhead extraction of fumes and heat. Leaving the roller doors open provided ample replacement air to flush through the entire workshop.

This was paired up with a custom-built control box that supplied the industrial ventilation system with constant current modules, allowing the solar roof exhaust fans to run at full efficiency regardless of weather conditions. This also allowed the workers to switch the system off if they needed to do so.


The staff was pleased to find that, with all solar roof exhaust fans active, a fresh breeze would pass through the entire workshop. On top of solving their fume extraction needs, they also received the added benefit of effective and year-round workplace ventilation. Additionally, during summer the indoor heat is extracted, which increases the comfort and productivity of employees.

The 3× SW-RAF10000 units installed for fume extraction.

commercial extraction fans

Keeping fumes out, and the staff more comfortable.

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