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Ryonex has been providing high-quality industrial wastewater recycling solutions since 2012. They focus on providing sustainable and customised solutions to their clients because they know how important water is as a resource for our planet.

They offer such services as:

  • Resin Regeneration Services

  • Resin Activation

  • Re-bedding Services

  • Acid Recovery

  • System Design, Commissioning and Training

  • Equipment Service and Technical Support

  • Data Collection and Diagnostics

  • Reporting

Ryonex provides services to businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, South and Western Australia. Their global network and contacts give them undeniable authority and renown in ion exchange media services.


Dandenong South, Victoria (3175)


Client’s Needs

​The facility in Dandenong South works with water contaminants and chemicals that require specialised machinery. Noxious fumes are produced by the chemical recovery process that remains trapped in the facility because there was little to no air exchange in the facility. Solar Whiz was tasked with providing a solution for removing these harmful fumes from the building in order to meet OH&S requirements.

Solar Whiz was more than happy to accept the task at hand.


Our Solution

Solar Whiz installed two SW-AU-C-155 commercial exhaust fans located directly above the processing plant so that any fumes generated are immediately extracted from the facility and don’t pollute the inside working environment.

We also included night operation kits that allow the units to operate at full capacity regardless of the amount of sunlight available. This is an important feature of the Solar Whiz ventilation system; a mains power ‘top-up’ system that only uses energy when required. Our exhaust fans are solar-powered and can be run completely without costs when using only solar energy. However, a night operations kit gives you the opportunity to cut running costs as much as possible without compromising on performance if the fans need to operate at full capacity in overcast conditions or overnight! Read more about how our commercial ventilation systems work here.



The results in the Ryonex factory have been spectacular; there are no more issues with fumes and smells in the facility. In addition to this, the heat that was being generated by the heavy machinery is also extracted, keeping the indoor environment at much more manageable levels. This has been a great relief for both OH&S concerns as well as for the general comfort of employees.

Ryonex has been so pleased with the results in their Dandenong facility that they are considering installing units in their other facilities.


Sound impressive? Get in contact with us today to hear about how we can help you address your needs in your commercial facility. Solar Whiz provides free, no-obligation quotes here. We always work closely with the customer to find out exactly what their needs are so that we can customise their installation to suit them exactly.


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