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Subfloor ventilation is a system of ventilation that removes damp and moist air from the space underneath your house and replaces it with fresher and drier air. Solar Whiz offers powerful solar-powered systems for ventilating under-floor areas with no running costs.

Subfloor ventilation is important for a range of home-related health and safety concerns, including preventing termites on the subfloor. This article will explore how and why Solar Whiz subfloor ventilation is crucial in stopping termites from ruining your home and keeping your family safe.


The Importance of Termite Prevention in Subfloor

Termites require high levels of moisture and humidity to survive and cause extensive damage to homes across Australia, especially in wetter, damper climates. However, termites can still be an issue in drier climates if the subfloor area is damp. Nests are kept at a stable temperature and humidity level using surrounding soil, plumbing, or rotting wood.

The damage that termites cause by burrowing through the wooden structures of your home can have serious consequences if they are not addressed. Termites will eat through the timber supports in your home, as well as any organic materials. By burrowing tunnels through wood, they expand their foraging networks and protect themselves from the outside environment that is not humid enough for them. These tunnels can be really hard to identify because they are under the surface of wooden structures. Colonies of termites can have devastating impacts on your home and subfloor within a very short period of time.

It can be difficult and expensive to treat termite infestations in the subfloor. There are many different estimates of how much damage termites cause, but it is estimated that they attack one out of five Australian homes every year. Furthermore, the damage that they cause is not covered by insurance. The repairs for termite damage in the subfloor can be incredibly expensive because the damage can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced. It is also usually to structural supports that are really difficult to remove.

This is why it is so vital that you consider termite prevention on the subfloor before you have an infestation. You can avoid all the stress and consequences of termites by thinking ahead and making it as hard as possible for termites to get into your home.


How Subfloor Ventilation Works to Prevent Termites

Sub Floor VentilationThere are multiple steps you can take to reduce the risk of a termite infestation on your subfloor. One of these strategies is to invest in good subfloor ventilation. The Victorian Building Authority recommends that subfloor spaces should be well-ventilated to reduce the risk of termite damage.

At Solar Whiz, we offer customised subfloor ventilation systems that are designed to suit your particular subfloor layout and needs. The main sub floor ventilation methods we use are:

  • Bifurcation/split ducting systtem
  • Single Duct Extraction
  • Push/pull method
  • Roof-mounted

Our different methods of subfloor ventilation to prevent termite infestation mean that we can accommodate any type of subfloor area with any type of problem. At Solar Whiz, we have helped customers with ventilation in multiple-sectioned subfloor spaces, single subfloor spaces, and large and small spaces.

Subfloor ventilation works for termite prevention because it actively removes moisture from subfloor spaces which reduced humidity levels. It also increases airflow and helps to regulate temperature. All these benefits will greatly reduce the risk of termites getting into your subfloor space.


Benefits of Solar Whiz Subfloor Ventilation

Solar Whiz subfloor ventilation also helps fight other kinds of home comfort issues. Ventilating under floor areas introduces fresh and dry air into a space that is usually damp and stagnant. You can easily reduce mould, mildew and condensation in your whole house just by using subfloor ventilation. This has carry-on effects on the structure and comfort of your home. Less moisture helps to increase the warmth inside and less mould and mildew increases the indoor air quality. This makes the living environment far more enjoyable and healthy, as well as improving the structural stability of the house. 



Overall, it is incredibly important to consider sub floor ventilation for your home. Solar Whiz subfloor systems can help protect you from termite infestations that cause serious and irreparable damage to your home. It is especially important to avoid these costs because aren’t covered by insurance. Furthermore, subfloor fans help to improve the overall health and stability of your home. Don’t wait until something happens, get subfloor ventilation installed from Solar Whiz now!