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Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Energy efficiency in buildings is an important part of cutting energy usage, costs and carbon emissions. In a commercial property, up to 50% of your energy costs can be associated with heating, ventilation and cooling. In Australia, businesses and warehouse buildings are especially impacted by hot summers. Energy efficiency is the key to reducing bills and negative environmental impacts. This is why we believe that investing in cost-efficient and effective ventilation is an excellent way to improve your building’s energy efficiency.

Solar Whiz offers high-quality ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial businesses and properties. Our commercial exhaust fans are industry-leading units specialising in extracting heat, fumes and moisture from indoor spaces and replacing it with cooler, fresher and drier air.


Step 1: Improve the Performance of Your Commercial Ventilation System

A rusty whirlybird roof ventilator.

Whirlybird roof ventilation are ineffective sources of airflow for your home.

Traditional whirlybirds are a common feature of Australian roofs, however, they are far less effective than many people realise. Whirlybirds are typically passive forms of ventilation and rely on existing heat build-up and wind to make them work. This means that they operate best on hot, windy days and only after the heat has accumulated in the space. On average, a whirlybird can ventilate 100-150m3 air per hour in 12km/h winds. For comparison, our smallest unit (used for residential properties) moves 700 m3/h. Our commercial exhaust fans move 7,000 or 10,000 cubic metre of air per hour.

As you can see, Solar Whiz units are exceptionally more powerful and efficient than whirlybirds and offer a great opportunity to improve the performance of any ventilation system. You can read more about why our units are superior to traditional whirlybirds here.

Keeping large spaces cool in the heat of summer is an incredibly expensive exercise and is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Proper commercial ventilation systems such as ours extract the hot air from indoor spaces and roofs, meaning that you might not even need an air-conditioner to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. If that’s not energy efficient, then what is?


Step 2: Power Your Ventilation System With the Sun

Solar Whiz unit on a tin roof

Solar Whiz units are far more effective than whirlybirds. Plus they’re solar-powered!

Another way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building is to power your system with renewable energy. Australia has the highest solar radiation per square metre compared to anywhere else on the planet, easily making solar energy one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy.
Our ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial buildings are specifically designed for the fierce Australian climate and take full advantage of this. Solar Whiz units can be entirely powered by the sun, with no ongoing energy costs and no pesky emissions associated with ventilating your property!


So, you want to know how to improve your building’s energy efficiency? Invest in Solar Whiz! 

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