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Commercial Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems for industrial & commercial properties have become an important aspect for businesses across Australia, and the world. The heightened focus on OH&S practice & compliance calls for a powerful solution to ventilate workplaces. Factories, warehouses, offices, kitchens, stockrooms and community centres require effective and reliable ventilation for both comfort, and safety.

Studies have shown that poor air quality can reduce comfort, and productivity, or could potentially violate WorkSafe regulations. Solar Whiz commercial ventilation systems may very well be the sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution for your ventilation needs.

Traditional Commercial Ventilation Systems

Industrial ventilation applications typically utilize a large number of industrial whirlybirds, which has been the solution for decades. However, one industrial whirlybird may only move approximately 300 m³/h (Cubic Metres of Air Per Hour) during 12 km/h wind speeds. Generally, an average-to-large commercial property will require several whirlybirds in order to properly ventilate the workspace by these measurements. Worse still, conventional whirlybird configurations won’t perform properly without adequate airflow to drive them. On a hot summer day without any wind, this won’t remove enough hot air! On the other hand, the Solar Whiz out-performs conventional ventilation solutions by a considerable margin, in most weather conditions!

Looking for more information on commercial whirlybirds? Check out our FAQ!

The Solar Whiz Air Ventilation System

Solar Whiz’s solar roof vents have been a tried & tested solution for many properties across Australia. Our powerful SW-AU-C-155, and SW-AU-C-110 have also been successful ventilation solutions for businesses seeking heat extraction & better air quality for their properties, as well as their staff.

In 2014, Solar Whiz introduced our first line of commercial ventilation systems. Our hallmark product, the SW-AU-C-155 has set a benchmark that remains unrivaled and makes it ideal for solar ventilation on a commercial scale. The Edmonds Ecopower Fan is one of the very few ventilators capable of matching the power of the Solar Whiz SW-AU-C-155. However, the only comparable commercial exhaust fan model is the largest one in their catalogue, which is both significantly expensive, and difficult to install given its size.

The Solar Whiz also runs independently, able to run separately from the power grid. This allows the Solar Whiz to run without cost, and at all times of the day (even in cloudy weather!)

The Solar Whiz Commercial Ventilation System

Model SW-AU-C-155 SW-AU-C-110
Capacity 10,000 m³/h 7,000 m³/h
Fan Motor 10-26 Volt DC Brushless motor with double shielded ball bearings
Fan Decibels 70 dBA 68 dBA


As the above chart shows you, the SW-AU-C-110 and SW-AU-C-155 are both quiet, yet powerful. The models have been designed in order to perform quietly and effectively. They are also designed with resistant, sturdy materials in order to suit most climates that standard Australian commercial properties will face. Additionally, they are easy to install—saving you time, as well as money on installation!

Extraction & Exhaust Applications

The commercial ventilation line of the Solar Whiz roof ventilator is also suitable for a variety of exhaust or extraction needs. Some customers have made use of the SW-AU-C-155 units to extract oil from commercial kitchen overheads to avoid build-up. In other cases, RAF line has also been used to extract gas build-up in truck refuelling stations.

One particular customer used an SW-AU-C-155 system to extract fibreglass dust from their workstation (see image to the right). The use of a Solar Whiz unit has many potential applications for industrial, or commercial properties. The Solar Whiz is capable of extracting moisture and steam, so can be used in swimming centres or spas too!

Solar Whiz Industrial Ventilation System Runs Around the Clock

If you require an industrial ventilation system that is capable of performing when the sun isn’t out, that’s no problem for us! Solar Whiz also offers a night operations kit that ensures you can maintain exhaust & ventilation at all times of day—at night or in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

The constant current module will ensure that your industrial ventilation systems run completely on solar whenever possible. If your area is facing overcast or particularly dreary conditions, the constant current module ensures that power is drawn primarily from the solar panel. This ensures the lowest possible cost of operation, saving you money on your electricity bill.

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