A Solar Ventilation Fan Can Kill Mould & Manage Asthma

If anybody in your family suffers from dust mite allergies or you need to carry out asthma management at home – humidity control is essential to remove moisture from the house. Home ventilation with a solar ventilation fan is essential to control moisture in the home and increase clean air quality.

Home Ventilation Starts With an Effective Ventilation System

Effective home ventilation for a healthy home starts with a solar ventilation fan & solar roof vent system that creates air movement and removes moisture from the living space.

There is wide range of ventilation systems available – across a wide range of prices. Some are suitable for cooler weather, some for warmer weather and some for both. Either way, home ventilation is imperative!

If you are looking for cool weather solutions – you will generally be looking at a higher price bracket than if you are looking for warm weather solutions – as you will be looking at heating air before introducing it into the home.

One cost effective option for cool weather home ventilation is the SAM (Solar Air Module) system, which is completely solar powered and therefore operates without any running cost.

The SAM solar heating system may be combined with our Solar Whiz solar ventilation fan unit to form a complete home ventilation system, which will ventilate your home both in summer and winter to facilitate asthma management in your home.

In warmer climates – or if you only need home ventilation in summer – one or two Solar Whiz solar fans units with a number of ceiling vents strategically located throughout the house can help you prevent mould growth and reduce dust mite levels so that you can manage asthma symptoms.

Kill Mould with Ventilation

Mould does not normally grow in well ventilated areas with good humidity control. Home solar roof ventilation removes moisture  and will therefore reduce or kill mould growing inside your house. Air movement (ventilation) from Solar Whiz solar ventilation fan units helps with moisture control in the home and prevents mould from developing inside.

Prevent Mould Problems

Installing ceiling vents in bath rooms, wardrobes, walk in robes, etc, in conjunction with a Solar Whiz solar fan creates a home ventilation system and helps protect your wardrobes against mould and mildew, which could save you hundreds – if not thousands of dollars – if you are in a warm and humid climates and have mildew or mould problems.

By investing in home solar ventilation – you’ll be significantly reducing the risk of asthma and other air quality related issues. Keep your home clean and fresh with the Solar Whiz. Get a free quote from our quick quote form!