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When comparing Solar Whiz to other solar powered fans in Australia, here are some key points:

1. Powerful Performance: The Solar Whiz SW-AU-C-155 solar-powered fans boast a 10,000 m³/h capacity, making it three-four times more powerful than any other solar power fan. It matches the capacity of the largest powered roof fan available in Australia.

While the domestic solar powered fan model SW-AU-R-40 boasts 2,300 m³/h or an equivalent to 23 traditional whirlybirds.

2. Australian-Made: Solar Whiz is proudly Australian-made and designed specifically for the unique Australian climate. Other products often use international designs, but Solar Whiz is tailored to local conditions.

3. Functionality: The Solar Whiz solar powered fan extracts hot, humid, and polluted indoor air, replacing it with cooler, fresher, and drier outdoor air. In contrast, Big Ass Fans move large volumes of air within indoor spaces but do not extract hot air out of your space.

4. Warranty and Support: Solar Whiz offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty on their solar panels and a 2-year warranty on the fan motor. Their local customer support team ensures prompt assistance and hassle-free service. Other brands may have shorter warranties or less responsive support.

5. Installation Flexibility: Solar Whiz’s modular design allows for flexible installation. You can choose the number of panels and fans based on your specific needs. Other brands may offer fixed configurations, limiting customisation.


Remember, Solar Whiz prioritises efficiency, performance, and local suitability!