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We have previously talked about making older homes more energy-efficient, but all homes can be made more energy conscious. Energy efficiency saves you on your bills and reduces your carbon footprint. Making it a win-win situation for yourself and climate change!


1) Reduce air leaks

extraction fans energy efficiency

Air leaks are a major culprit for escaping coolness in summer. If you are paying to air condition your home but half of it escapes through leaky walls, windows and floorboards then you end up having to pay extra for the same result. This means that any cooling system you have in your home isn’t able to keep you cool as well as it could.

A few ways you can prevent air leaking include:

  • Use double-glazing on your windows where you can. Prioritise larger windows as they let in the most heat.
  • Seal and/or caulk window sills and doorways.
  • Fix any cracks or gaps in walls.


2) Improve insulation

Adding insulation to your walls, ceilings and floors is great for preventing air leakage and keeping the internal temperature comfortable. It works by preventing heat from entering or moving around your house, so radiation from the sun doesn’t increase the inside temperature

It is important to also note that too much insulation can be a bad thing. This is because the moisture from household activities isn’t as easily removed. As a result, condensation and moisture build-up is bad for the air quality and structural integrity in your home.


3) Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

exhaust fans energy efficiencyOnce you have sealed up any unintentional air leaks you have the perfect set-up for roof extraction fans and ventilation systems. With carefully-placed vents to allow in replacement air, ventilators will work to drag hot inside air outside. The built-up hot air is replaced by cooler ambient air from outside.

By removing the hot and polluted air from inside your home you are improving the air quality and comfort in your house. This helps any existing heating or cooling systems to perform at their greatest capacity. This is why roof extraction fans for homes is so important.

There are many different options for home ventilation systems, and we’ve discussed the pros and cons in these previous blog posts:

However, solar-powered roof extraction fans are by far the highest performing options available. Solar Whiz provides excellent solar fans for homes of all shapes and sizes.


4) Use solar-powered systems

In addition to solar-powered ventilation systems like Solar Whiz to remove hot air and polluted air from inside, any heating, cooling or utility service should be solar-powered if it can be. Solar is a free source of energy and we believe it is the future for all energy generation. Investing in solar solutions now not only improves your own energy efficiency but also provides the industry with the means to continue developing newer and better technology.

Solar cooling systems for homes are increasingly popular across Australia and they are complemented by Solar Whiz solar fans. A solar-powered system is already power efficient, but can be further improved by a solar-powered ventilation system like ours!


If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, we are big fans of solar energy and energy efficiency. Our business aims to provide you with the best possible results for the least amount of hassle. With Solar Whiz you can drastically reduce your energy bills and cut your carbon emissions. Every installation counts! Get in contact today!